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Web Summit: Beyond Maintenance

  • Ektron can also be hard to use. We've all experienced that. Ektron is also very powerful—and now that most of our departments and offices are using the CMS as their main website, it's time to unharness that power.

    During this session, we'll provide you with strategies and the technical know-how to use Ektron to get your messages out to students, faculty, and others. We will

    • Show you how to get your news stories out to people who never visit your website
    • Give you strategies for promoting an event, large or small, using the web
    • Demonstrate our new, improved central calendar system
    • Give you a preview of "IUP Daily," a daily electronic newsletter we'll be pilot testing next month.

    We'll also review our website's progress to date, show you some other new features, and give you tips to make your life with Ektron a little easier.