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PDFs and Other Files

  • To upload a PDF (Portable Document Format) or Microsoft Office file (Word, PowerPoint, Excel) into Ektron’s Content folder, you will create a new managed file.

    Use PDFs and Microsoft Office files sparingly on your website. Whenever possible, create regular web pages instead. This will make your website much easier for your visitors to use. Nobody likes being forced to open another program when browsing a website, especially to just read simple text. If you absolutely must use non-html content, PDFs are the first choice instead of an Office document.

    Uploading a PDF or Office Document as a Managed File

    Important: If you are updating a file that is already on the website, Replace the File instead of uploading a new version.

    1. Go to the Workarea and click on Content at the top.
      The content tab
    2. Then, on the left side of the Workarea, navigate to the folder where you want to upload the PDF or Office file. Click on the folder title.
      • Be sure you are in the content folders, not the !Page Layouts folder. Never upload any documents into the !Page Layouts set of folders.
        PDF, Word, PowerPoint, or other documents must only be uploaded into the content folders.
    3. On the right side of the Workarea, mouse over New and choose DMS Document.
      mouse over New and choose DMS Document
    4. The Edit Content in Folder… screen will appear:The Edit Content in Folder screen
    5. Click on the Browse button and find the file you wish to upload on your computer. Double-click the name of the file.
    6. The CMS title of the file will automatically fill in with the name of the newly uploaded file. Edit the title if needed.
    7. Go to the Summary tab (the content opens on the Content tab) and add a short summary. If you do not, Ektron will create a summary for you using the characters found at the beginning of your file, regardless of whether they make sense.
    8. Check in or submit the content items as appropriate. Note: Links to newly uploaded files will not work on Staging until the files are published.