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Event Details Box

  • Make a News Post

    Let everyone know about your upcoming event by posting the news on your site.

  • The Event Details Box is a page element that helps to more effectively promote your events. The box appears at the top of the page and draws visitors’ attention, highlighting content and providing details about the event such as time, location, special subjects, contact information, and more.

    Event Details Box exampleThe Event Details Box (see Summer School Conference sample at right) can be used with pages that describe your events and can also be used in news posts about that event, giving incentive to readers to follow the provided link for more information.

    • Only one Event Details Box should be placed on any given page.
    • An Event Details Box should never be repurposed for another event. Any page that uses that particular box will be affected by the change, which can result in the wrong event information appearing on those pages.

    Creating the Event Details Box

    The Event Details Box (see example at right) should be created within the Events folder (or in a subfolder, if the event has its own folder there) in the Ektron Workarea.

    • On the right side of the Workarea, hover over New, then over Smart Form, and then click on Event Details Box.
    • Give it a descriptive title, so it can be easily recognized. This title will not appear on the website—it is solely to help you stay organized.
    • In the content area, enter the Name of the Event. This will be the top line in the finished box and is already formatted to draw viewers’ attention.
    • Start and end dates must be entered. Start and end times are optional.
    • Additional start and end times can be added by clicking on the small lined box to the left of the start and end date fields. You can choose to place the new section above or below the existing section. You can also click the “occurrence” link just below (with the blue plus sign), and this will insert a new date section below the current one. These sections can also be removed, if you wish, by selecting “remove” from the small lined box.
    • edit iconEvent Description is optional. To enter a description, click the Edit icon in the upper left of the grey box. This will open the Rich Text Editor, where you can format text normally. When complete, click the Save button to enter this text into the smart form. Note: If the formatting toolbar is covering the Save button, just click outside of the text field and away from the formatting toolbar to make it go away, then click Save. If the actual description is very long, just enter a short summary and then add a link to the event page itself (see below).
    • “More Information:” This section is optional. Here you can provide an e-mail address or a phone number, or both, and choose if it is for registering or to request more information.
    • This section also contains a “link” icon. This allows you to choose a page that provides more information about the event. Click the icon to open the Link Manager.
      • Click the ellipses button, located to the right of the URL box.
      • A library window will open. In the right-hand pane, change the drop-down box so it says “quicklinks.”
      • In the left-hand pane, navigate to the folder where the event page is located, and double-click the target page.
      • If you choose, you can now modify the Link Text field or leave it as is.
      • Click OK.
      • Note: Only one link can be used for each Event Details Box.
    • When finished, click the Submit button.

    Using the Event Details Box

    After the Event Details Box is created, it can be added to any page, such as a hub page for an event, or to a news post about the event. To add the Event Details box to page or a news post about an event:

    • In the CMS Workarea, open the event’s hub page or a news post for editing.
    • Click on the Metadata tab.
    • Look for LearnMoreBlock and click the “Change” link underneath.
    • In the window that opens, navigate to the folder that holds the chosen Events Details Box.
    • Double-click on the title of the Event Details Box so the title appears in the lower box, and then click the Add Selections (Save) icon located just above it.

    The Learn More Block in your Metadata tab will now show the content title. Submit the page or news post, and then look at the page in your Web browser to see the box in place.

    You can also use Event Details Boxes from other IUP websites by simply navigating to the appropriate folder and choosing that element. For example, there could be a news post in the Department of Psychology that notes the MARTI event, and the MARTI Event Details Box could be added to the Psychology post, giving instant access to further information with minimal effort.