Resizing Photos and Other Images

  • Use the Right Size for Your Image

    IUP webpages look best when you use images that are correctly sized to fit them.

  • It is always best to resize your images before you upload them to your Ektron library. This gives you better control over the reduction process and ensures that your website visitors are not downloading unnecessarily large images. This also ensures that your photos do not become distorted, pixelated, or fuzzy due to improper resizing from within the CMS.

    Important: Never enlarge image sizes. This will result in a lower quality that will not look good.

    Photoshop is available on all IUP campus computers. Here are instructions on how to resize Images with Photoshop.

    If you have difficulty using Photoshop, or you do not have access to a photo-resizing program, a web search will reveal other tools available to do this online.

  • Images should only be uploaded into the content folders. Never upload any images (or files) into the Page Layout set of folders.

    Image file names that contain punctuation, such as commas or apostrophes, will not show up properly on the website. 

    Be certain the file name does not contain commas, apostrophes, etc. before uploading the image. Avoid spaces in file names as well. Use a dash - or underscore _ in place of spaces.