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Making Photo Galleries

  • Photo galleries are a great way to display multiple photos on your website. They are much easier to create than a carousel, and they will show visitors all of your photos at once instead of making them wait to see each one in a carousel.

  • IUP websites can create photo galleries using Ekton’s PageBuilder function. 

    How to Create a Photo Gallery

    Each photo gallery must have its own separate folder. All images stored within a folder will be displayed in that folder’s photo gallery.

    1. Make a Folder

    1. Click on the CMS Content folder in which you want to create the gallery folder.
    2. On the right-hand side, hover over New and choose Folder.
    3. Click Add Folder at the top.
    4. If you do not see an Add Folder option, contact the Web Team.

    2. Upload Your Images Into That Folder's Library

    Here’s how to upload images.

    • Remember to correctly size the photos before uploading to the CMS library.
    • Titles of photos will become their descriptions in the photo gallery. Describe the photos as you like, but note that there is a 200-character limit, including spaces.
    • Images appear alphabetically or numerically. If the photos need to appear in a certain order, you will need to place numbers or letters at the very beginning of the title to help sort them.

    3. Create the Gallery Page Layout

    1. Go back to the Content tab. In your photo gallery folder, hover over View and choose Properties
    2. Copy the folder ID number (you will need it later).
    3. Open the Page Layouts set of folders. Click on the subfolder where you want the gallery to appear (the folder location determines on which menu it appears).
    4. Create a new page layout.
    5. Open the page layout for editing.
    6. Resize the default column so it’s responsive. More info about editing page layouts
    7. From the PageBuilder menu, add a gallery widget.
    8. Click the Edit icon (pencil) on the widget.
    9. Add the gallery folder ID (from #1 above), and click Save.
    10. The photos should now appear.
    11. Click Submit from the PageBuilder menu.