Overwrite an Image

  • Images should only be uploaded into the content folders. Never upload any images (or files) into the Page Layout set of folders.

    Image file names that contain punctuation, such as commas or apostrophes, will not show up properly on the website. 

    Be certain the file name does not contain commas, apostrophes, etc. before uploading the image. Avoid spaces in file names as well. Use a dash - or underscore _ in place of spaces.

  • If you need to overwrite an image on your website—for example, replace an old personnel photo with an updated one—you can do that without having to make any changes to the page(s) where the image appears.

    Note: Ektron will always retain the original file name, even if the overwriting image’s file name is different.

    This image overwrite, or replacement, is done in the CMS library. The advantages of replacing an image are:

    • The new image retains the information from the current image (title and any keywords).
    • The new images will automatically replace the old one on any webpages on which it may be used.

    Before overwriting the image, you will need to make sure the replacement photo is sized appropriately—see How to Size Images for the IUP Templates.


    To overwrite an image, you will need to be in the Workarea.

    1. In the Workarea, go to the Library by clicking on Library at the top.


    1. Navigate to the folder where the image you want to replace is located. On the right side of your Workarea, make sure the drop-down menu is on “Images” (rather than quicklinks or another choice).
    2. When you see your image on the right side of the Workarea, click the image or its title (not the yellow box).
    3. the Overwrite iconYou will then see a toolbar near the top of your Workarea. Click the Overwrite icon, the second icon to the right of the Edit button.
    4. On the next screen, click Browse (or Choose File)on the far right and browse your computer for the new image file. (You may need to expand your editing window to see the Browse/Choose File button.) Double-click the file or click once and click Open.
    5. After the file has been added to the Browse/Choose File field, click the Update button at the top of the window. The photo has now been replaced.