Add an Image to the Library

  • Images should only be uploaded into the content folders. Never upload any images (or files) into the Page Layout set of folders.

    Image file names that contain punctuation, such as commas or apostrophes, will not show up properly on the website. 

    Be certain the file name does not contain commas, apostrophes, etc. before uploading the image. Avoid spaces in file names as well. Use a dash - or underscore _ in place of spaces.

  • Before you can add an image to your content block, you need to have an image available in the Library.

    A number of photos of people, places, and scenes on the IUP campus are available in the IUP photographer’s web galleries for you to use. However, if you want to add your own image to your web content, follow the process below. This process is for uploading one image at a time.

    Adding an Image to the Library

    1. First, make sure your photos are saved to standard picture sizes for Ektron templates (see How to Size Images for the IUP Templates).
      • All photos must have a resolution of 72 dpi.
      • Full-width = 750 pixels
      • Half-width = 737 pixels
      • Photo Gallery: 750 pixels
      • Note: When you resize images, always be sure to use proportional resizing. When changing the width of an image, you should never have to enter the height. If you manually adjust the height of an image, you are almost certain to end up with a stretched or squashed photo.
    2. Go to the Workarea. See How to Log in to the Staging Server and Go to the Workarea.
    3. Select the Library tab at the top:
      Library tab
    4. From the folder structure on the left side of the Workarea, select the content folder where you want to place the image. (Folders under the Library tab correspond with those under the Content tab. You may wish to store your images in your top-level folder, where they are easy to find, but different maintainers may have different preferences.)
      • Note: Do not upload any images into the Page Layout set of folders.
    5. From the drop-down list near the top, select Images.
    6. Click on the Add button.
    7. The Add Library Item screen appears.
    8. Click the Browse button (in Firefox; Chrome users will have a Choose File button) to browse through your local machine to locate an image.
    9. Select the image file and click the Open button.
    10. Enter a title for th image. It should describe the content of the image for those who cannot see.
    11. Click on Save, and an image has been added into the Library.

    Now that it has been uploaded to the Library, you can place an image on your page.