Know Your Goal and Measure It

  • If you are using your website to market your department—and you should be—make sure you have a measurable goal in mind.

    • Are you looking to attract more majors or graduate applicants? Look at traffic to that program of study on your website, the number of inquiries you receive, and the number of majors you gain.

    • Looking to increase your department’s visibility on campus or amongst your colleagues at other institutions? Look at traffic to your news items or research pages, how long visitors stay, and how many one-page visits you are receiving (also known as your bounce rate).

    Once you know what you are measuring, you can start to see what effect changes to your website have on your goals. Change the image on your homepage, or change the links in your highlights collection, and see what effect that has.

    Obviously, to measure these things you’ll need access to your website analytics. Sign up for analytics reports and the Web Team will e-mail analytics data to all of your web maintainers each month. Check the Web Team's analytics documentation for advice on understanding and taking action on the data you receive.

    But it is also important to measure non-website traffic. How many phone calls have you received? How many e-mails? A simple tally sheet, either on paper or on a shared drive, can help you see the full impact of your Web marketing efforts.