Learn More Blocks

  • A Learn More block—an assortment of links to internal or external pages—can be displayed on any page that uses the “page” template.

    That includes most pages on your site; exceptions include your home page and news page. The intent of the Learn More block, as the name suggests, is to provide links to information that helps site users learn more about that page’s topic. The Learn More block will appear on the page in a gray trapezoid with a “Learn More” heading.

    Creating a Learn More Block

    The Learn More block is a Smart Form. Create it using this process:

    Note: You will need to know the exact URL you want to link to, even for internal links. In this case, internal links are not created as quicklinks. You may wish to copy the URL and paste it into the Smart Form.

    1. In the CMS Workarea, navigate to the folder where you want to create the Learn More block.
    2. Mouse over New on the toolbar to the right and scroll down to Smart Form.
    3. Go to Learn More. A Smart Form that looks similar to an FAQ form will appear.
    4. Enter a title in the Title field at the top of the screen.
    5. In the form area, you will see two fields outlined in red, dotted lines. The top one will be labeled “Title” and the bottom one, “URL.”
    6. Under “Title,” enter a very brief description (a few words) explaining what you are linking to.
    7. Under “URL,” enter the exact URL (http://...) for the content you are linking to.
    8. For each item you wish to add to the form, you will need to click on the “Learn More” text beneath the previous item.
    9. Include a brief summary under the Summary tab and description under the Metadata tab.
    10. When you are finished with the Learn More block, submit it for publishing, as you would any content block.

    Changing Your Learn More Block

    Individual items within the Learn More block can be reordered or removed.

    To do so, click on the icon to the left of the individual Learn More item. You will be given the following options to use as necessary:

    • Insert Above (Inserts a new, blank Learn More item above the one you clicked on.)
    • Insert Below (Inserts a new, blank Learn More item below the one you clicked on.)
    • Duplicate (Creates a duplicate of the Learn More item you clicked on.)
    • Move Up (Moves the Learn More item you clicked on up one spot.)
    • Move Down (Moves the Learn More item you clicked on down one spot.)
    • Remove (Removes the Learn More item you clicked on.)

    Making a Learn More Block Display on Your Page

    To make the Learn More block display on your page, you will need to alter the metadata. Follow this process:

    1. Using the browser, navigate to the main content block for the page where you want the Learn More block to display. Right-click on that content block and go to Edit. (If working in the CMS Workarea, navigate to the main content block for that page and open it for editing.)
    2. Click on the Metadata tab.
    3. Go down to the Learn More block and click on Edit. The Library Folder screen will come up.
    4. On the left side, navigate to the folder where the Learn More block is located. When the Learn More block appears on the right side, double-click on it. You will see the block appear at the bottom of the screen with a checked box next to it. Click on the Save button. The Learn More block will be added into the metadata. Because you are changing the metadata for this content block, you will need to submit (or resubmit) it for publishing. After it is approved for publishing, the Learn More block will appear on the page.

    Note: Keep in mind that Learn More blocks display only on pages that use the “page” template. If you add a Learn More block and it does not display, check which template the page is using. To check, you must be in edit mode and go to the Template tab.

    Also Note: Content items that you have added through metadata, such as collections, carousels, Learn More blocks, etc., will not appear in preview mode until the content item to which they were added has been approved by the Web Team. Of those items added through metadata, those that go through workflow will also need to be approved before they appear in preview mode. For instance, carousel slideshows go through workflow; collections typically do not.

    Removing a Learn More Block from Your Page

    To remove a Learn More block from your page, simply go to the Metadata tab, go to the Learn More block, and click on Clear. Again, this is a change to the content block, and it will need to be submitted (or resubmitted) for publishing.