Extra Content Block

  • There may be times when you want information from one webpage to display on another. This could be a page from your own website or from a completely different department or office. Copying and pasting the information will just end up duplicating the work and runs the risk of one page being updated and the other not, resulting in out-of-date information for visitors.

    A far better way to display such information is by using the Extra Content block. This will allow you to take a content block from anywhere else on the university’s site and show it on your own page. If the maintainer for that content block updates the information, it will automatically update on your page as well.

    As an example, let’s say a faculty or staff position opens in your area. Rather than copying the description from the Human Resources site and pasting it into your site’s Employment page, use the Extra Content block.

    • In the CMS Workarea, open your Employment page for editing.
    • Click on the Metadata tab.
    • Look for ExtraContentBlock and click the “Edit” link underneath. (If you do not see the ExtraContentBlock choice, please contact the Web Team and we will add that option for you.)
    • In the window that opens, navigate through the folders to the Human Resources section. Go to the Employment at IUP folder and then select the subfolder that applies, whether Faculty or Staff.
    • Double-click on the title of the job description so the title appears in the lower box, and then click the Save button located just above it.
      Note: If an “Insert QuickLink” option appears in the upper box after double-clicking, choose the button that shows the Manual Alias [show example image].

    The ExtraContentBlock in your Metadata tab will now show the content title. After your page is published, you will see the full job description.