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  • Additional content can be added to a webpage through the metadata tab. This includes address and hours blocks, collections, call to action buttons, and other content created specifically for this purpose.

    Note: If your site has been converted to the new, responsive design, you no longer need to use the metadata tab for anything (except, possibly, the headline—see below).

    It’s relatively easy to use collections, address blocks, and office hours blocks. Placing content such as callout boxes, or to arrange several separate items of content onto a single page, can be fairly complex, so it’s best to work with the Web Team, at least until you’re comfortable with the process. Please contact the Web Team via ihelp for any metadata questions.

    Headline Field

    Only use the headline field if you want the title of the page to appear different from the actual title when the page is being viewed (this will not affect the menu title, which is always the actual title of the page). If you do not enter a headline, the title of the page will be used as normal.

    Converted websites: Use the page layout’s metadata instead of the content’s.