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Working with the Workarea Tabs

  • This guide will assist you in knowing what to enter under the various tabs in the CMS Workarea.

    When you open content for editing, you will see the following screen:



    You will then need to fill out the following items on the screen:

    Title Field
    In the title field, located near the top of the screen, enter the title for your new content. This is different from the content headline (See Metadata/headline below).

    Content Tab 
    The Content tab is the main tab, and you should automatically be on this tab when you open the content for editing. Enter or edit your content here, using the list of styles, heading types, and other features. The bulk of your work takes place here; however, you should remember to complete the following tabs as necessary.

    Summary Tab
    Select the Summary tab, and enter a summary of your content. The shorter the better (one short sentence), as the summary is displayed in collections, tables of contents, search results, and possibly other locations.

    Metadata Tab 
    Select the Metadata tab, and fill in the description and the headline. The description can be the same as the summary under the previous tab. The headline is the heading that will appear on the website, above the content block. If you do not enter a headline, the title will appear as the headline.

    For instructions on filling in the other items on the Metadata Tab, follow these links:

    Address Block
    How to Work with Addresses 

    Collection Block
    How to Work with Collections 

    Learn More Block
    How to Work with Learn More Blocks 

    News Block
    How to Work with News Items 

    ViewMaster Block
    Directions not yet available.

    Office Hours Block
    How to Work with Office Hours 

    Search Data
    Check the box next to “Show Events” to make your list of events display on your page.

    Image Data
    How to Add IUP Stock Photography to Your Page
    How to Place an Image on Your Page 

    Alias Tab
    Do not use this tab.

    Schedule Tab
    (Optional step.) Under the Schedule tab, you can enter a start date for when the content should appear on the website and/or an end date for when it should be removed. (In many cases, this does not apply.) To enter these dates, simply click on the calendar icon next to “Start Date” and “End Date,” and select the proper dates for each. When you enter an end date, be sure to indicate what action should be taken when that date arrives.

    Comment Tab
    (Optional step.) In the Comment field, you may enter any comments you have about the content. This step is purely for internal use and will only be displayed as commentary for the content’s history and archive.

    Templates Tab 
    Under the Templates tab, your selection will depend on what type of page you are working with. In most cases, you will use the “page” template, which should be the default setting. The “home” template is for your unit’s home page, and “toc” is for Table of Contents. The template controls how the page looks.

    Remember to fill out all the necessary tabs before submitting your content for approval.