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Frequently Asked Questions about Content Inventories

  • We use content inventories to help our website maintainers organize their content for the move to the CMS.  Here are some commonly asked questions.

    Why is some of my content missing?

    There are a number of reasons this may have happened, but the most common is the use of JavaScript navigation.  The script that walks through your website does not execute any JavaScript. If your navigation uses JavaScript to insert links into the page, they cannot be seen by the content inventory script.

    Note that the content inventory script shares it's lack of JavaScript awareness with many commercial search engines. So if your pages didn't show up on the content inventory, they may not show up on Google or Yahoo! either.

    Why are so many of my pages titled “NO TITLE ASSIGNED”?

    This is the default title we assign when our inventory script can't figure out the title of a page.  It may mean (for an HTML page) that someone forgot to put in a title or that (for a Word or PDF doc), there was no reliable way to figure out the title.

    The lack of titles has been a common problem on the IUP site. One benefit CMS is that your pages will always have a title assigned.

    Why are some columns blank?

    These are for you to fill in.  The content inventory is a tool for you to use to organize your content for the CMS. See How to Use Your Content Inventory for more information.

    What am I supposed to use the blank columns for?

    See How to Use Your Content Inventory for descriptions of all the columns.

    What is an XLSX file?

    An XLSX file is an Excel spreadsheet in XML format. This is the native file format for Office 2007.  Earlier versions Office may require a converter (a.k.a. a “Compatibility Pack”) to read this file. If you are using an IUP computer, the converter is probably already installed. If not, you may need to download and install the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Formats to open this file.