• The Office of Video Services offers students interested in video production the opportunity to work side by side with Bill Hamilton, who produces all video for IUP.

    You will learn firsthand how to produce and direct productions, as well as learn about pre- and post-production. Students obtain these skills while working on state-of-the-art equipment. You will also have the opportunity to produce/enhance your portfolio.

    All internships/practicums must be sponsored by a department within the university (i.e., Communications Media), and interns/practicum students are expected to fulfill the requirements put forth by their department's program.

    Learn the aspects of being a successful videographer:

    • Observe a videographer
    • Run errands for the videographer
    • Assist in planning video shoots

    Learn the duties involved in producing a video:

    • Observe production of videos
    • Aid producer in any way
    • Observe videos being produced

    Learn the abilities of an editor:

    • Work on an AVID editing system
    • Observe the repair of equipment
    • Aid in editing work as needed

    Expand knowledge of techniques used in making videos:

    • Help to brainstorm ideas for videos
    • Aid in the writing of scripts
    • Aid in the production of videos

    Gain knowledge of clients for better interaction:

    • Work promotional events
    • Work the office desk and keep schedules organized

    Learn how to plan a video event:

    • Help organize creative ideas for a video shoot
    • Contact sponsors and/or clients for support

    Learn techniques used in acquiring new video:

    • Observe video director
    • Help in organizing video for post-production
    • Call companies for prospective equipment and links

    Learn the duties of a skilled editor:

    • Participate in editing exercises
    • Produce fully edited productions

    Learn methods of maintaining a high level of video knowledge:

    • Contact other video specialists about prospective techniques and emerging trends
    • Attend local events involving the general public
    • Talk to clients to learn what new trends or ideas the public is striving for

    Learn the aspects of being a skilled professional

    • Gain knowledge on how to deal with clients
    • Obtain the professionalism needed to keep a good business and reputation
    • Maintain a high level of professionalism while enjoying my profession

    Have the opportunity to produce/enhance your video portfolio:

    • Add worked-on videos to portfolio
    • Have the opportunity to produced own material (if time permits) for portfolio