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Angelo Mazzamuto: International Business and Marketing

Carlisle, PA
Major: International Business and Marketing

For Angelo Mazzamuto, choosing the Robert E. Cook Honors College was a matter of love -- and money. The school he first considered cost over $30,000 a year. Soooo, Angelo began looking further. Then a friend told him about the Honors College at IUP….

I looked through their viewbook and…I loved it! I thought the Robert E. Cook Honors College was a great idea! It's a choice I'm glad I made. The Core curriculum, it seems to me, enhances a student's ability to communicate with others, to be open to differing ideas, to ask the right questions, and to improve both written and spoken expression. One of the most important things the Honors College, and the Core curriculum does, is to help the student think on a higher scale – not only the who, what, where and when, but more importantly, the why and how. The most outstanding activity at the Honors College, to me, is taking part in Core curriculum discussions. With Core, it seems the professor and the student are on the same level and each side is learning more and thinking more. Typically, in other colleges, the student would just be listening and taking notes on what the professor thinks is important – facts, dates and that sort of thing.

Even the interior design and atmosphere of Whitmyre Hall, Angelo soon discovered, helps to foster the challenging and open discussion (and "brainstorming") that prepares them, as no other program can, for operating successfully in the "real world."

We are unique in that we actually have Honors College housing. Whitmyre provides us with classrooms, offices for administrators and faculty – in a dormitory setting – along with kitchens, lounge areas, computer facilities, all in one building. Whitmyre was designed not only for Honors College housing, but to support the curriculum itself. From the elegant antiques to the Great Hall stage, each object, each detail was placed to have some effect on the students, on the very quality of life here. The stage, for example, was built so that Core presentations could be performed before an audience that could then present answers to the Core questions in a setting designed for this kind of interchange.

That setting, and the way it is used by student residents, advisors, administrators, faculty and staff alike, has a powerful effect on daily life in the Honors College.

It allows us to develop personal relationships with almost everyone – from peers to professors to even the custodial staff, we have a chance to be more than just a face. It's all very personable. And that one-on-one interaction carries over to support for academic and career plans. Every honors student, for example, has the opportunity to study abroad, and to take internships related to his or her major – and these activities are actually strongly encouraged and supported. You wouldn't believe how much help you can get from the administrators here to reach these goals!

And what academic and career goals, exactly, has Angelo Mazzamuto reached at the Robert E. Cook Honors College?

I've already joined two organizations – the International Business Association and Circolo Italiano, both of which are directly related to my major. In IBA, I learn about other countries, their people, business, culture…things that will help me to cope and to communicate with different types of people when I moved into the real world and begin my career. Circolo Italiano helps me interact with people who have similar interests to mine…and it will keep me speaking Italian, with professors and other students. And, as part of my major, I am required to go to a foreign country for at least three months. I'll be attending John Cabot University in Rome in the fall of 2001, taking classes for my major, and broadening to learn in a different setting and culture. The following semester, I plan to accept a business internship in Italy!

And where will Angelo go from there? What career? What "dream job?"

For starters, I might be interested in advertising and public relations, all related to marketing – and working with people. I've learned concepts that will be helpful in dealing with my future, but I am also a 'hands-on' person and I know I'll learn more in day-to-day experience on the job. I know I want to go out and see…so many places. My dream? I'd want my company to send me all over the world to market some product that will actually change life on Earth for the better. Meet every race. See every city in the world. Use my skills outside the United States and tap into undiscovered markets. If there's one unique thing about the Honors College, at least from my perspective, it is that it has so many programs, organizations and groups that not only make it stand out from other honors programs, but also reach out to all different types of people. I like it that everyone has a chance to fit in – and to be a part of something more….

A community…of scholars…of difference…for a world full of opportunities and challenges.

Angelo’s Accomplishments 

Academic Awards/Distinctions

  • Provost Scholar
  • Dean's List (every semester)
  • Study Abroad:
  • John Cabot University, Rome, Italy, Fall 2001


  • Drama (principle roles in three shows and assistant stage manager for spring musical)
  • University Chorus
  • Chamber Singers
  • Calvary Presbyterian Church Choir
  • Circolo Italiano (Italian Club)
  • International Business Association
  • The Entertainment Network
  • Residence Hall Council
  • Facilities Committee for the Honors College
  • Phi Eta Sigma (National Honors Society)
  • Phi Gamma Nu (Business Honors Society)
  • National Residence Hall Honorary


  • Italian
  • Spanish