• Schedule a DSST

    1. Schedule your exam with the IUP Testing Center.
    2. Pay the $25 IUP administration fee through Marketplace.


  • What is DSST/DANTES?

    DSST (also known as DANTES) exams are college level examinations through which one can receive college credit for prior knowledge in particular subject areas. For a complete listing, visit the testing services office or www.getcollegecredit.com. Most successful DSST examinees are students who have work or school experience in the field of their examination or have taken the examination without completing or transferring the credit. 

    How does DSST credit work?

    To determine if your school accepts DSST as college credit, you can visit DSST's College Search

    Exam results are typically available immediately after the exam to the test taker, however, schools will not receive the official DSST transcript for up to six weeks. Grades for certain exams that contain portions other than multiple choice may not be immediately available.

    How much is DSST?

    The registration fee for taking your exam at the IUP university testing center is $25 and is due at the time of scheduling. The exam fee of $80 is paid at the time you take your exam using a credit card. 

    Registering for DSST