Policy for Soliciting Private Gifts for IUP

  • Gifts to support the university from various constituents (such as individuals, corporations, and foundations) should be made to the Foundation for Indiana University of Pennsylvania ; all gifts will be processed in accordance with the donor’s wishes by the foundation unless a donor-documented request to process directly to Indiana University of Pennsylvania accompanies the gift. All efforts to solicit private gifts must be cleared and coordinated through the  Office of the Vice President for University Advancement  or his/her designee.

    The Foundation for IUP was established in 1967 to promote and support the educational purposes of the university. The foundation serves as a university-affiliated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization whereby charitable gifts can be received and administered in accordance with Internal Revenue Service guidelines as well as any other federal, state, and local laws pertaining to charitable gift giving. Private gifts received by the foundation, in support of IUP, are managed and invested independently as per foundation investment policies.

    Please bring this policy to the attention of all faculty and staff members that may be involved in solicitations of private support.  It is imperative that we coordinate all efforts for private fundraising if the university is to receive the greatest benefit from charitable giving.

    The following information outlines the general procedures for soliciting charitable gifts on behalf of IUP:

    • University Advancement shall be the primary division charged with soliciting charitable gifts* on behalf of the university in partnership with the Foundation for IUP.  The process is designed to provide guidance to the university community and general public to facilitate the charitable gift giving process and to provide donors with the greatest flexibility possible in formulating their gifts within governing policy and legal parameters while assuring that gifts support programs and projects consistent with the mission of IUP.  

      *Proposals to organizations or corporations for gifts do not include requests or proposals for government grants and research contracts which are handled through the Research Institute.

    • The University Advancement Division, in partnership with the Foundation for IUP, shall be charged with conducting both annual appeals (including direct mail/phonathon) and personal solicitations in support of university priorities, colleges/departments, and programs.  During fund raising drives and capital or comprehensive campaigns, all development efforts will be coordinated in support of IUP’s defined goals and priorities. 

    • Departments and programs within the university may, with the approval of the appropriate dean or vice president, conduct fund-raising with oversight and support (as available) from the University Advancement Division.  Examples include but are not limited to soliciting for Memorial Donations and other “specific project” appeals.  The vice president for University Advancement will review requests to ensure they do not interfere or conflict with annual and major gift fund raising planned by the division.  University Advancement will respond to these requests in no more than 10 working days from submission.  

    • For all fund-raising events, planners will need to complete the Event Approval/Disclosure Statement (which can be found on the Foundation for IUP website for conducting business with the foundation) and submit it to the Foundation for IUP office, blauber@iup.edu. For fund-raising events, the fair market value section of the disclosure statement will need to be completed to allow for correct receipting on the charitable gift tax receipt. Please allow 10 working days for approval of the form by the foundation, although all efforts will be made to expedite the process.
    • All departments and programs are asked to work with University Advancement and the executive director of the Foundation for IUP concerning the RSVP process and payment process. 

      Gifts from various constituents (such as individuals, corporations and foundations) in support of the university should be made to the Foundation for IUP; all gifts will be processed in accordance with the donor’s wishes through the foundation, unless a donor-documented request to process directly to Indiana University of Pennsylvania accompanies the gift.