Frequently Asked Questions about the University College

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Have questions about the University College? Below are some answers that might help you. If your question isn't answered below, please contact the University College. We are here to help you.

Why Is It Called the University College?

Like many universities, IUP groups its majors into colleges. We have six academic colleges, such as the Eberly College of Business and Information Technology or the Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics. These academic colleges support you when you are pursuing a major within that academic college.

IUP's newest college, the University College, is a little different. It provides academic resources and support for all of our students. It's part of how we help you succeed. Since it serves students from across the whole university, we've named it the “University College.”

Why Do I come in as an Exploratory Major?

Starting your academic journey as an exploratory major gives you the chance to explore majors and careers you might not have considered previously. You will also take Liberal Studies courses that are required for all majors to assure that you remain on track for graduation.

Will This Increase My Time to Graduation?

No, many of the classes are Liberal Studies courses all students must take. The Exploratory Studies classes and Exploratory-UC classes also count toward the credits you need to graduate. In addition, what you learn in these classes can save you time toward graduation. You'll learn how to navigate higher-education scheduling to get the classes you need and how to best tackle college assignments, so you can avoid having to repeat a course.

Can I Take Courses in a Major I Want to Pursue?

Yes, academic advisors in the University College are well versed in the program requirements across all majors. With their guidance, you will be able to take introductory courses, where you meet the academic requirements, to assure you have the opportunity to “try on” that major as you explore.

How Many Courses Can I take?

Based on your placement test scores, you'll take 14-15 credits your first semester.

  • Two credits as part of the University College first-year experience
  • Three credits (one class) in a major you want to explore
  • Nine credits (three classes) of Liberal Studies required courses

You'll explore more possible majors your second semester with two or three introductory and/or major classes (covering six or nine credits). You'll also take two or three Liberal Studies required courses to bring your total credits to 16 for that semester.

How Long do I Stay in the University College?

If you start your education in the University College, you are encouraged to remain in it for two semesters, where you will receive dedicated advising to guide you to the appropriate major. Exploring majors during the academic year should lead you to select a major at the end of the second semester. You must be in good academic standing to change your major. Throughout your education at IUP, you can choose to use the resources of the University College, which are available to all students.

Hannah Neumann, computer science

Tried Five Majors

“I came to IUP as a transfer student, and I chose IUP because of the diversity of academic majors and minors. I knew I could change my mind, and IUP would have what I wanted, and I wanted to be able to change my mind while in college rather than five years out of college.”

Hannah Neumann, who tried out five majors, found Computer Science, and went from internship to job offer