Majors in Theatre, Dance, and Performance

DO YOUR OWN CREATIVE WORK – Natalie Palamides says “the reason I chose IUP is that they give you the opportunity to do your own creative work that a lot of universities don’t give you.”

All the World is a Stage with a Theater and Dance Degree

Dedication to the broad application of theater and dance skills makes IUP programs unique. Students need not be limited to careers as performers. Entertainment touches nearly every industry in the world. Your ability to guide and collaborate in a disciplined manner makes your artistic sensibility a valuable global resource.

Theater, BA (Concentrations in: Performance, Design-Tech Management, and Theory-Criticism)

  • Build a foundation of knowledge and perform onstage or backstage in theater productions to train for a professional career.
  • Explore diverse opportunities and applications that prepare you for career opportunities as a founder, administrator, or manager of arts organizations. The minor in entrepreneurship for the fine arts is a good addition for students on this path.
  • Explore the related occupations that hunger for the collaborative, creative, and inventive spirit of theater and dance majors.

Musical Theater/Theater, BA

  • Command the skills of acting, singing, and dancing, and then dive deeper using free electives to become a whole, creative artist pursuing a career in the performing arts.
  • Steer your love of musical theater toward founding, managing, and growing a theater company, or enter related fields. The minor in entrepreneurship for fine arts is a good addition for students on this path.
  • Draw upon the deep interdisciplinary resources provided by the collaboration of the departments of Theatre, Dance, and Performance and of Music.

Dance Minor

  • Learn better by combining your passion for dance with your major in a customized series of courses and experiences.
  • Study styles of dance, dance curriculum development, and the intricacies of planning dance productions. Apply creative skills to administrative arts positions.

Theater Minor

  • Enhance employment opportunities by blending a custom-designed array of classes and experiences with another major.
  • Learn creative and collaboration techniques that are invaluable to other professional arenas.
  • Discover your inner artist, and bring that spirit to every personal and professional endeavor.