Welcome to the Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance!

You have made an important step in gaining a higher education. You have decided on a theatre or dance education—maybe even a musical theatre education. Such an education requires creativity and discipline. It also requires planning and knowledge that can be difficult to find. This website has been designed to help you get the most out of your education with the least difficulty. It will assist you in:

  • Understanding the IUP Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance
  • Providing a guide to your degree program
  • Becoming familiar with all the department's production programs and the opportunities they provide
  • Fulfilling university and departmental regulations
  • Understanding the IUP philosophy of theater and dance artists

The information on this website is intended to supplement rather than replace the Undergraduate Catalog and other official university publications. It can also help you find offices or individuals who can provide the answers to your questions.

You are encouraged to refer to the online Department Handbook throughout your association with the department. You will find that it will be helpful in planning your program and in maintaining a record of your progress towards completing the requirements of your degree.

If you have any suggestions for additions to be included in a future update of our handbook, please let the department office or chair know of your ideas. New ideas are always encouraged!

We are happy that you have decided to become a member of our Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance. We look forward to growing together with you.

Carrie J. Cole, Chair
Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance
104 Waller Hall