The work of our department is to deliver on the promise of an education in theater or dance.

The specifics of that promise are found in our mission statement, which is directly related to the mission statements of the College of Fine Arts and the overall university. The mission statement assumes successful students are those who take charge of their own education and become fully engaged with the department.

IUP Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance Mission Statement

The Department of Theatre, Dance, and Performance is dedicated to both theater and dance as collaborative and highly disciplined fine arts demanding an education that offers an extended view of the world as a part of a liberal and humanistic education. Successful students develop an artistic sensibility and a disciplined work ethic, skills necessary in most endeavors. The department is committed to:

  1. Providing comprehensive course work, from introductory through advanced levels of study, in all major areas of theater and dance;

  2. Providing diverse production opportunities at all academic levels to develop students as artists by developing proficiency in one or more of the areas of playwriting, research, performance and production while stimulating the intellectual growth of both students and faculty;

  3. Augmenting and complementing the cultural offerings of the university community

  4. Establishing a work ethic of collaboration, personal discipline and respect.