Shake Things Up with Diverse In-Class Activities Handout

  • Reflective Practice Large Group Meeting
    3:30-4:45 pm - Wednesday, November 11, 2015 - HUB Allegheny Room

    This interdisciplinary panel approach involves a roundtable discussion and workshop with instructors of both undergraduate and graduate students designed to facilitate conversations about innovative instructional practices. The panelists will discuss or model a few ideas they’ve used in the classroom and then facilitate a conversation to learn what others are doing in their classrooms. The goal is to generate diverse new ideas and share strategies for increased student engagement. Panelists will collect suggestions and create a master document of strategies that will be shared through the Center for Teaching Excellence.


    Dr. Erin Conlin, History

    Professor Brooke Mathna, Criminology

    Dr. Pao Ying Hsiao, Food and Nutrition

    Dr. Mimi Benjamin, Student Affairs and Higher Education

    SoTL Materials Available from IUP Libraries


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