The Center for Teaching Excellence Reflective Practice Project wants to recognize IUP's online teaching heroes. We asked faculty: “When you rapidly transitioned your courses online this semester, who at IUP provided support to you in this transition? What colleague gave of their time and expertise to answer questions, offer training, assist with technology, help brainstorm or problem-solve, or in any other way helped you move your courses online?” We want to help you say THANK YOU!

Theresa McDevittRecognized: Theresa McDevitt

by Joseph Mannard

I would like to recognize Theresa McDevitt, for the assist provided to me in preparing my classes to make the online transition and then assisting me in finding and uploading videos to D2L for my classes.

Dr. McDevitt forwarded to me a very helpful template for first-time student users to follow in accessing D2L. I was able to adapt this format to the specific needs and goals of my own classes, making the shift to online teaching and learning much easier for me and my students. Dr. McDevitt has also been a constant resource in assisting me with accessing videos from Films on Demand and YouTube for my students to supplement or replace class lectures. When there has been a problem with students downloading a video, Dr. McDevitt actually seemed to enjoy the challenge of finding a way to resolve the situation and alleviate my frustration with technology that worked sometimes and not others. Her help has made the second half of the semester both more manageable and meaningful for my students.

Brian CarothersRecognized: Brian Carothers

by Alida Merlo

I recommend Mr. Brian Carothers for the Center for Teaching Excellence recognition during IUP's transition to online classes due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Brian has been a great mentor to me, and he has demonstrated his knowledge, expertise, and experience with patience, good humor, and kindness. In brief, he has been extraordinary. I applaud his efforts, and I am grateful for the support that he offered.