We often hear reports about the quality of academic advising, but what is effective advising? Is it the mere recommendation of classes based on a catalog or a checklist (prescriptive academic advising), or is it related to advancing students' critical thinking skills and maturation as a continuation of teaching (developmental academic advising)? We know, if performed effectively, that advising assists in both retention and future recruiting.

This session's presenters are some of IUP's stellar criminology faculty members:

  • Jon Cooper described the Academic Success Center and the advantages to advisers using the SSC Advisor Platform.
  • Erika Frenzel covered the departmental consolidated advising center concept that already exists in the Criminology Department.
  • John Lewis addressed and seeked feedback on the concept of a consolidated advising center comprised of faculty from all colleges (service) for undeclared majors.

Links to Handouts:

Advising PowerPoint

Awesome Advising Handout

Creating a Culture of Advisement: Engaging in Faculty Advising

Developing a Proactive Outreach Plan