2017 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Presentations

  • Siegel Finer Invited to Consult on WAC at Morgan State University

    Bryna Siegel Finer, IUP director of Writing Across the Curriculum, spent two days at Morgan State University in early January 2017 as a consultant to their School of Global Journalism and Communications.

    At their Baltimore campus, she met with the school’s executive committee of department chairs and the dean to share information about WAC models and resources. The following day was spent at Fells Point in the Frederick Douglass-Isaac Myers Maritime Park Living Classroom, where Siegel Finer provided a full day of customized interactive workshops for faculty to write and learn about writing-to-learn strategies to use with their students.

    Taken from the 1-23-2017 IUP Daily

    Economist Vick invited by Appalachian Regional Commission to Speak on Leadership Development

    Brandon Vick of the Economics Department presented his work over the past two years with the Appalachian Teaching Project at the Development District Association of Appalachia Annual Conference in Washington, D.C. on March 19, 2017.

    He was asked by the Appalachian Regional Commission to participate in their session on leadership development and encouraged regional development planners to utilize university students in their projects and give students an active role in improving their communities. He joined a panel of other ATP faculty from Auburn University, East Tennessee State University, and the University of North Georgia.

    Vick is serving as a MARTI research associate through his membership to the interdisciplinary Veterans’ Reintegration Program.

    Taken from the 2-13-2017 IUP Daily

    IUP String Project Director, Master Teacher, and Students Present for Music Educators

    IUP music faculty member Linda Jennings and IUP music majors Morgan Herrington (junior) and Josh Hudson (sophomore) presented a session on String Instrument Techniques for music educators at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Western Regional Orchestra Festival in Dubois, Pennsylvania, on March 10, 2017.

    They also led sectionals for low string instrument students participating in the festival. Jennings also presented a joint session with IUP String Project Master Teacher Swana Chepaitis on String Instrument Techniques at the Indiana Area School District In-Service Day in Indiana, Pennsylvania, on March 17.

    Department of Music

    Taken from the 3-17-2017 IUP Daily

    Benjamin, Lowery, and Mueller present educational programs at ACPA conference

    Mimi BenjaminJohn Wesley Lowery, and John Mueller, of the Student Affairs in Higher Education Department, presented educational programs at the annual American College Personnel Association  conference in Columbus, Ohio, March 26–29, 2017.

    Benjamin presented her current research on "Supporting Students with Concerning Behaviors in Learning Communities." Lowery presented a highlighted program titled “ACPA Legislative Update 2017.” Mueller presented two programs: “Measuring Privileged Identity Exploration” and “Perspectives on Supporting and Including Secular, Atheist, and Agnostic Students.”

    For more information on any of these presentations, please e-mail mbenjami@iup.edujlowery@iup.edu, or jmueller@iup.edu.

    ACPA is one of two leading professional associations for student affairs in higher education, meeting the professional development needs of student affairs practitioners, graduate preparation program faculty, and graduate students across the country and around the world.

    Taken from the 4-3-2017 IUP Daily

    Gatta Presents on Comics as Rhetorical Conflict

    Oriana Gatta (English Department) presented a paper titled “(Un)McClouded Conflict: Comics and/as Critical Pedagogy” at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Portland, Oregon, on March 16, 2017.

    Taken from the 4-10-2017 IUP Daily 

    Machado Discusses Digitally Creating Beneficial Faculty-Student Co-Mentoring Relationships

    Crystal Machado, associate professor, Department of Professional Studies in Education, presented a at paper titled “Creating and Using the Digital Spaces to Cultivate Mutually Beneficial Faculty-Student Co-Mentoring Relationships”  at the at the Society for Information and Teacher Education’s Conference  on March 7, 2017, in Austin, Texas. 

    Over the last few decades, institutions of higher education have begun to offer a wide range of graduate programs in traditional, hybrid and online formats. This has made education more accessible to diverse, nontraditional students with busy schedules. There is limited research that describes how faculty have begun to change the way they mentor nontraditional students who are often less accessible than traditional students.

    This paper addresses this gap in the literature by describing how an education faculty member and her students created and used digital spaces to design and implement a variety of mutually beneficial teaching and scholarship projects.

    Taken from the 4-11-2017 IUP Daily

    Shay Participates in Webinar Panel Discussion of Veterans in Education and Workplace

    Cory Shay, director of the Military and Veterans Resource Center, was invited to be part of panel discussion during a webinar program created by Healthcare Information and Management System Society.

    Shay was joined on the panel by Donald Accamando, director of the Office for Military and Veteran Students at Duquesne University, and Benjamin Stahl, director of the Veterans Leadership Program of Western Pennsylvania.

    The panel discussed challenges that veterans face as they pursue a career after college and what employers can do to assist veterans as they transition into their career. 

    Taken from the 4-25-2017 IUP Daily 

    Park Presents on Negotiating Identity and Securing Legitimacy as a Non-Native English Speaking Teacher

    During the 2017 TESOL International Convention, Gloria Park, associate professor of English, presented her personal account on how intercultural communication intersects with negotiating identity for non-native English-speaking teachers.

    In her presentation, Park described related challenges and how these were addressed institutionally. She also examined how successful examples of identity negotiation may be transferred to other contexts for the language classroom and in pre-service/in-service training.

    Department of English

    Taken from the 3-25-2017 IUP Daily

    Park Presents on Mama Teacher Scholars' Experiences of Privilege and Marginalization in Academy

    During the 40th annual conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics, Gloria Park, associate professor of English, presented “Mama Teacher-Scholars in Academy: Navigating the Privilege and Marginalization of One Mother-Scholar’s Unfinishedness.” 

    In her presentation, Park theorized her own critical autobiographical incidents with regards to the dominant discourses and power relations in the academia that she negotiated as a mama teacher-scholar. She unpacked her concurrent experiences of privilege and marginalization given her gender, race, language, and motherhood.

    Department of English

    Taken from the 3-25-2017 IUP Daily

    Lauber Speaks about Tough Communications at Kiwanis Leadership Conference

    Erick Lauber recently taught a workshop on how to have tough, emotional conversations at the Kiwanis Leadership Conference.

    Presenting to over 120 attendees, Lauber’s presentation included two self-assessment surveys which provided individualized feedback on areas for future growth.

    Lauber is the director of Leadership Training and Research at MARTI-CBH and a professor in the Journalism and Public Relations department at IUP. His scholarship has appeared in over 100 journals, magazines, and books, and his educational media products have won over two dozen national awards. His most recent book on teamwork and leadership, Don’t Break the Rope!, is available on Amazon and Kindle.

    Taken from the 3-24-2017 IUP Daily

    Rahkonen Presents on "Flipped" Course at Music Library Association National Meeting

    Carl Rahkonen, music librarian, presented a paper titled "Flipping Music Bibliography" at the national meeting of the Music Library Association, held February 22–26, 2017, in Orlando, Florida.

    A "flipped" course has students study content material before class and complete practical assignments during class with the teacher's guidance. Through this technique Rahkonen became better engaged with his students, learned their points of view, and was better able to assist them in improving their information literacy skills. 

    The course became less fact-oriented and more skill-oriented, testing became less an assessment and more a learning exercise, and assignments became more geared towards practical reality. It was a better way to teach towards fulfilling the ACRL Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education.

    The presentation described the advantages and disadvantages of flipping, discussed what worked and what did not, and explored the direction of music bibliography in the 21st century.

    IUP Libraries

    Taken from the 3-21-2017 IUP Daily

    Weinstein Presents on Digital Composing Pedagogy at Spring 2017 PCEA Conference

    During the annual conference of the Pennsylvania College English Association held on March 10–11, 2017, at IUP, Assistant Professor of English Daniel Weinstein presented "Design for Digital Composing," based on his design for IUP English Department's ENGL 421 Digital Writing course.

    In his presentation, Weinstein detailed a sequence of assignments that culminates in students' ability to plan and produce videos that integrate text, image, sound, and animation to tell a story and explained how the "multimediacy" students develop through the assignments gives them an advantage as creative communicators in the world at large.

    Department of English

    Taken from the 3-20-2017 IUP Daily

    Benjamin and Lowery Present at Educational Programs at NASPA Conference

    Mimi Benjamin, assistant professor, and John Wesley Lowery, professor, of the Student Affairs in Higher Education Department presented educational programs at the annual National Association of Student Personnel Association conference in San Antonio, Texas, March 11–15, 2017.

    Benjamin presented two sessions: "Attending to Concerning Behaviors in Learning Communities" and "It's a Complete Career Change: Shifting from Full-Time Administrator to Full-Time Faculty Member."

    Lowery presented “Talking Openly About Concealed Carry on Campus” and moderated a featured panel discussion on the “Student Personnel Point of View: 80 Years Later Where are We Now?” Lowery also served on a panel discussion of the new book, Careers in Student Affairs: A Holistic Guide to Professional Development in Higher Education, for which he co-wrote a chapter with Benjamin.

    For more information on any of these presentations, please e-mail mbenjami@iup.edu or jlowery@iup.edu.

    Taken from the 3-20-2017 IUP Daily

    Sobolewski Discusses Replacing Lab Manual with Learning Management System in Physics Investigations for K-4 Pre-Service Teachers

    Stan Sobolewski gave a talk on “Replacing the Lab Manual with a Learning Management System in Physics Investigations for K-4 Pre-Service Teachers” at the national American Association of Physics Teachers winter meeting, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia, February 18–21, 2017.

    The traditional laboratory investigation uses a procedure written on paper; students then record their responses on a supplied data page or laboratory notebook. In an attempt to make this process more efficient, the use of a Learning Management System (in this case D2L) was used to present the material and collect student feedback. Each student had a University supplied laptop, read the procedure from the screen, and submitted answers through D2L. As anticipated, there was no change in content knowledge. However surprisingly, subjects felt the paper and pencil approach was easier to use than computer entry.

    In a subsequent study, the same population in the same course completed an online only lecture and lab course. We will discuss the student’s reaction to this online class.

    Department of Physics 

    Taken from the 3-10-2017 IUP Daily

    Huhn Presents Research on National Foreign Language/World Readiness Standards

    Christina Huhn participated in a Research Roundtable at the annual Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages held in February 2017 in New York City.

    The presentation, titled “The National Standards in Post-Secondary Beginning Spanish Textbooks,” discussed the need for further blending of the national standards into the post-secondary environment and published literature.

    Taken from the 3-1-2017 IUP Daily

    Bradshaw and Numan Discuss Authentic Communication in Physics Lab Course

    John Bradshaw and Muhammad Numan presented “Fostering Authentic Communication in an Intermediate Physics Lab Course” at the national American Association of Physics Teachers winter meeting, which took place in Atlanta, Georgia, February 18–21, 2017.

    Bradshaw and Numan described a redesigned junior-level lab course where assignments include writing an initial proposal, maintaining a lab notebook, oral presentations followed by question-and-answer sessions, lab reports, and a journal style paper. Students designed and performed experiments, some based on classic ideas and a few selected from recent literature, utilizing available resources. They analyzed and interpreted data, collected through computer interfacing, utilizing appropriate software. Scaffolding was provided through instructor and peer feedback and an opportunity to revise their reports initially. Bradshaw and Numan shared preliminary assessment data on the effectiveness of the instructional design.

    Department of Physics

    Taken from the 2-23-2017 IUP Daily 

    Huhn Presents on Global Competence for Beginning Students at International Conference

    Professor Christina Huhn, Department of Foreign Languages, presented a research paper titled Laying the Groundwork for Global Competence in Beginning Spanish Classes at the Cuarto Congreso Internacional (Fourth International Conference) held at Universidad Internacional, in Cuernavaca, México, on August 3 and 4, 2017.

    For US college students, beginning language classes may represent their first exposure to cultures other than their own. Huhn’s paper shared the results of a qualitative study of the development of a cultural portfolio by students in beginning university Spanish classes.

    The paper focused on student responses to the project, and provided evidence that even beginning students are able to develop the foundations for the continued development of global competence through continued language and cultural study and experiences.

    This year’s conference was titled “Latinoamérica: Tradición y Globalización en el siglo XXI (Latin America: Tradition and Globalization in the 21st Century).”

    The conference featured a slate of presenters from throughout México, Latin America, Canada, and the United States, who shared their research and expertise on a wide variety of interdisciplinary topics including literature, culture, immigration, politics, art, dialectology, and education.

    The conference also served to foster international relationships and provided a venue for discussions of our increasingly globalized world.

    Taken from the 9-17-2017 IUP Daily

    Glisan Conducts Webinar on High-Leverage Teaching Practices

    Eileen Glisan, IUP Distinguished University Professor of Spanish, co-presented a webinar on high-leverage teaching practices in July 2017.

    Glisan was invited to conduct the webinar by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages Teacher Development Special Interest Group for an audience of some 100 language educators.

    The content of the webinar was based on her recently co-authored text, “Enacting the Work of Language Instruction: High-Leverage Teaching Practices,” of which she is lead author.

    Taken from the 8-21-2017 IUP Daily

    Glisan Delivers Summer Seminar Keynote to California Language Teachers

    Eileen Glisan, IUP Distinguished University Professor, presented a keynote speech in July 2017 at the University of California, Santa Barbara. The topic of the keynote was “Enacting Core Practices to Maximize Learner Performance.”

    The talk kicked off the 28th annual Summer Seminar for Language Teachers as part of the California World Language Project. Some 175 teachers were in attendance.

    Taken from the 8-21-2017 IUP Daily

    Faculty Present on Activity-Based Learning in Safety Sciences

    Tracey Cekada, Jan Wachter, Helmut Paschold, and Lon Ferguson presented at the American Society of Safety Engineers for the Academic Practice Specialty.

    The Safety Sciences faculty presented “Activity-Based Learning in the Safety Sciences—Panel Presentation” on June 19, 2017, at the ASSE Professional Development Conference in Denver, Colorado.

    The panel discussion highlighted faculty’s experience with activity-based learning techniques, which was well received by academicians from safety and health programs nationwide.

    Department of Safety Sciences

    Taken from the 8-30-2017 IUP Daily

    Kerry-Moran Visits China to Present Two-Week Workshop on Interdisciplinary Integrated Leadership

    Kelli Jo Kerry-Moran, Professional Studies in Education, partnered with former IUP professor Wenfan Yan, now with the University of Massachusetts, to co-present a two-week workshop on interdisciplinary integrated leadership for the Beijing Institute of Education, Chaoyang Branch, China, in May, 2017.

    Participants of the workshop included nearly 50 school principals and assistant principals from one of the world’s largest urban school districts in the area.

    College of Education and Communications

    Taken from the 9-5-2017 IUP Daily

    Norwood to Speak at ACE–NASH Leadership Academy

    Michele Norwood, assistant vice provost for Undergraduate Student Success, has been invited to serve as a speaker at the American Council on Education, National Association of System Heads Leadership Academy in Washington, D.C.

    The Leadership Academy is scheduled for January 17–18, 2018, at the ACE NCHE Conference Center.

    The session, titled “Current Realities to Student Success,” will highlight efforts made by the Pennsylvania State System Student Success Network to impact retention and persistence across the State System.

    Taken from the 12-20-2017 IUP Daily