2016 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Presentations

  • Machado and Doctoral Candidate Brandon Present on “Differentiating Instruction”

    Jamie Brandon, doctoral candidate in Administration and Leadership Studies, and Crystal Machado, Department of Professional Studies in Education, presented their paper, “Differentiating Instruction: Meeting the Needs of All Learners with MOOCs,” at the 2015 Original Lilly Conference on College Teaching, in October in Oxford, Ohio. 

    Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCS), which provide students with access to online instruction, have gained both popularity and infamy over the last decade.

    Using a social justice approach, Brandon presented a paper co-authored by Professor Machado, which puts the spotlight on positive aspects of MOOCs.

    The paper presented an overview of different types of MOOCs and popular MOOC initiatives, identified overlooked populations that could benefit from access to MOOC, and described how the principles of differentiated instruction (Tomlinson, 2004) can be used to provide “less able” students with the support structure they need to maximize their potential.

    Using a case approach, Brandon demonstrated how the design of a MOOC offered through the University of Edinburgh in spring 2013 was grounded in the principles of differentiated instruction.

    Taken from the 1-28-2016 IUP Daily

    Glisan Re-examines Foreign Language Teaching Through High-Leverage Teaching Practices

    Eileen Glisan conducted two full-day workshops on the topic of "Re-examining Foreign Language Teaching Through High-Leverage Teaching Practices" in August 2016. Glisan conducted one the of the workshops as the featured speaker at the Orange County (Calif.) Language Teachers Summit, and she presented the second workshop to language teachers in the Charlotte Latin School District (N.C.).

    The topic of these two workshops is also the topic of Glisan's upcoming book, "Enacting the Work of Language Instruction: High-Leverage Teaching Practices", to appear in November 2016. She is first author, and Richard Donato, University of Pittsburgh, is second author.

    Taken from the 8-22-2016 IUP Daily

    See Presents on Teaching Molecular Orbital Theory

    Ronald See  (Chemistry) gave a presentation, “Teaching Molecular Orbital Theory in the Context of Computational Chemistry,” at the American Chemical Society National Meeting in Philadelphia on August 24, 2016.

    He shared his experiences teaching this topic at IUP, and included data from two different papers (Journal of the American Chemical Society, 123, 2839-3848, 2001 and Journal of Chemical Education, 86, 1241-1247,2009) that have emerged from his research.

    The talk was part of the “Advances in Teaching Inorganic Chemistry Lecture and Laboratory” session that ran throughout the conference.

    Taken from the 8-29-2016 IUP Daily

    Comfort and Poole Present on “Sustainability Education in Northern Appalachia"

    English faculty member Susan Comfort and Anthropology faculty member Amanda Poole gave a presentation titled “Sustainability Education in Northern Appalachia: Connecting Gender, Race, and Class in Interdisciplinary Sustainability Studies” at the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education Conference in Baltimore on October 10, 2016.

    Poole and Comfort are co-directors of the Sustainability Studies Minor program at IUP. Their presentation involved a discussion of competing definitions of sustainability, and strategies for developing curriculum and programming rooted in key concepts from environmental justice and ecofeminist theory. IUP’s new minor program in Sustainability Studies joins a growing trend in higher education, and can provide an important model for other institutions that are building curriculum in this field.

    Taken from the 10-24-2016 IUP Daily 

    McCarthy Presents on Creativity and Counseling

    John McCarthy, Department of Counseling, offered a workshop on creative thinking and creative problem-solving in counseling at the 2016 Oregon Mental Health Professionals Conference in Portland, Oregon.

    Taken from the 11-7-2016 IUP Daily

    Hibsman Presents on Teaching a Changing International Audience at 2016 EAPSU Conference

    Tim Hibsman, English Department, presented his paper, "Teaching a Changing International Audience," at the 2016 EAPSU Conference on November 5 at Clarion University.

    The presentation discussed teaching, marketing, and recruiting strategies for international students. Experiences and examples were drawn from recent involvement in the Visiting Scholars Program at Kyungpook National University in Daegu, South Korea. The Kyungpook campus is actively trying to create collaborative efforts with sister universities to benefit students, as well as expanding the Visiting Scholar Program. Teaching students with a unique international background requires some flexibility, creativity, and an understanding of university goals and objectives.

    In addition, teaching strategies for teaching students from Taiwan were touched upon. A group of Taiwanese students visited the Indiana University of Pennsylvania campus for one year and took a variety of courses, including Technical Writing and Introduction to Film. Effective assignments and teaching strategies were demonstrated.

    Taken from the 11-7-2016 IUP Daily

    Smith-Sherwood Presents on Spanish Women Writers and STEM

    Dawn Smith-Sherwood, Department of Foreign Languages (Spanish), presented her essay “Las chicas raras de STEM: An Overview” at the 2016 Mid-America Conference on Hispanic Literatures, celebrated November 3–5 at the University of Kansas in Lawrence.

    Her work, which formed part of the panel “STEM and Literary Production by Contemporary Spanish Women,” which she organized and chaired, will form part of an edited collection of essays now in development.

    Taken from the 11-7-2016 IUP Daily

    Villa and Black Present on PACT Program

    Judith Villa and Laurel Black, English Department, presented at the English Association of Pennsylvania State Universities on PACT, a program which partners undergraduate teaching assistants serving as co-teachers in undergraduate classes with voluntarily participating professors.

    Their presentation focused on UTAs as agents of change in the classroom and on the value of the partnership in relation to fostering creativity and serving as support for classroom management, as well as an innovative form of professional development for faculty.

    Taken from the 11-14-2016 IUP Daily

    Beeken Speaks at National Conference for Music Education

    Ryan Beeken, Director of Choral Studies, presented an invited session for the 2016 National Association for Music Education National Conference in Grapevine, Texas.

    Beeken's session, “C.H.O.I.R: Collaboration Harvests Optimal and Inspired Rehearsals,” focused upon leadership style and collaboration. Beeken demonstrated how the model of conductor as dictator is antiquated and doesn’t yield the best results. Developing leadership through consent versus command, coupled with a collaborative rehearsal process that allows all to contribute, garners high artistic results and instills a life-long appreciation for music learning and participation.

    Beeken is quickly emerging as a recognized leader in choral music. Since 2013, he has presented more than 30 invited sessions in 12 different states on topics related to choral leadership, rehearsal techniques, and repertoire.

    Taken from the 11-28-2016 IUP Daily

    Chunta Presents National Webinar

    Kristy Chunta, Department of Nursing and Allied Health Professions, presented a national webinar for the American Nurses Association titled “Expertly Managing the Unsafe Student in Clinical Practice.” The webinar was part of the ANA's Faculty Development Series.

    Chunta also serves as the online community manager for the ANA's Faculty Community. The online community provides a forum for faculty to dialogue and connect with other colleagues.

    The ANA is a professional nursing organization that focuses on promoting safety and ethics, health, and wellness for nurses, and serves as an advocate for health care issues. The organization has over 130,000 members.

    Taken from the 12-8-2016 IUP Daily

    Liu Gives Invited Presentation on Teaching Online

    Shijuan Liu, Department of Foreign Languages, gave an invited presentation at the second Online Chinese Teaching Forum and Workshop, organized by the Confucius Institute of Michigan State University, November 11–12, 2016. The title of her presentation was "Teaching Chinese Language Online: What, When, Why, How?"

    The presentation was well received. In addition to onsite participants, there were also a number of participants who attended her presentation and other OCTFW sessions online from the United States and other countries such as China and Thailand.

    Taken from the 12-8-2016 IUP Daily

    Religious Studies Department Presents Panel at State Summit

    All five faculty members from the Religious Studies Department presented a panel titled "Experiences in the Religious Studies Classroom and Beyond" at the Inclusive Excellence and International Education 2016 State System Summit on November 3, 2016.

    This panel discussed common misconceptions concerning the role of religious studies scholars as well as addressing faulty assumptions, challenges, and practical ways they overcome the challenges of teaching religion in the classroom.

    Taken from the 12-9-2016 IUP Daily