2015 Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Book and Book Chapter Publications

  • Heider and Jalongo Publish Book on Young Children in the Information Age


    IUP faculty members Kelly Heider and Mary Jalongo collaborated to edit Young Children and Families in the Information Age: Applications of Technology in Early Childhood. Heider is a professor in the library, and Jalongo is a professor in the Department of Professional Studies in Education.

    Young Children and Families in the Information Age was released in December 2014. It is the 10th book in Springer's Educating the Young Child series, and it presents the most recent theory, research, and practice on information and technology literacy as it relates to the education of young children. Read more

    Machado Publishes on Use of Technology and Critical Pedagogy for Effective Cross-Cultural Interaction


    Crystal Machado’s chapter “Open Young Minds and Hearts: Employ Technology-infused Critical Pedagogy in Hybrid Border Spaces” has been published in Kelly Heider and Mary Jalongo’s edited book Young Children and Families in the Information Age. This chapter provides a minoritized perspective, which is often absent from the mainstream discourse in teacher education. It describes the need for pedagogy that supports acculturation in all children rather than assimilation in those who identify with non-dominant groups. The author describes how Web-based technology and critical pedagogy can be used to create technology-infused hybrid border spaces where effective cross-cultural interaction and transformative learning can take place.

    Rafoth Publishes Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers


    Ben Rafoth, professor of English and director of the IUP Writing Center, recently published Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers. The book explores how writing center directors and tutors can better prepare for the growing number and diversity of one-to-one conferences with multilingual writers and tutors.

    Multilingual Writers and Writing Centers draws from the literature of second language acquisition as well as a body of interviews the author conducted with writing center directors, tutors, and students. It identifies concepts and practices tutors can use to help writers, and describes how tutoring is likely to change in response to changing student populations.

    The book was published by Utah State University Press. 

    Mimi Benjamin Edits Learning Communities from Start to Finish


    Mimi Benjamin, assistant professor in the Department of Student Affairs in Higher Education, has edited the newly released Learning Communities from Start to Finish, a New Directions for Student Services quarterly series published by Jossey-Bass.

    This volume explores learning communities in terms of historical and theoretical foundations, structures, targeted student populations, and aspects of staffing and assessment. Also included in the volume are recommendations for faculty and staff who work with learning communities as well as an annotated bibliography of the most recent learning community literature.

    The New Directions for Student Services series is an essential resource for student affairs administrators, faculty, and graduate students who seek theoretical and practical guidance on some of the profession’s most current issues.

    Contributing to the book are recent alumni of the SAHE program: Sarah Conte (’14) of Penn State New Kensington and Laura Jo Rieske (’14) of Towson University.

    Glisan Publishes Fifth Edition of Language Methodology Textbook


    Eileen Glisan published the fifth edition of her co-authored text,Teachers Handbook: Contextualized Language Instruction, with Cengage Learning in September 2015.

    The text is co-authored with Judith Shrum of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. It is widely used in foreign language teacher preparation programs throughout the U.S. and abroad. The text will be released at the fall conference of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) in San Diego in November.

    Sweeny Publishes Book on New Media Art Education


    Intellect Books has recently published Dysfunction and Decentralization in New Media Art and Education, by Robert Sweeny, professor of Art Education. The text examines how digital artists have embraced the concept of the error or glitch as subversive act.

    The book, which is distributed in the U.S. by the University of Chicago Press, suggests that studying artistic forms of dysfunction can be instructive for educators looking to use developing technologies and reference contemporary artistic forms of expression. In this book, Sweeny offers practical models and ideas for how artists and educators can incorporate digital technologies and integrate discussions of decentralized models of artistic production and education.