2018 Professional Service Related to Teaching: External

  • Collins Presents Clinic to Region Band Directors


    Zach Collins, Music, presented a clinic to area band directors on Friday, February 23, at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association Region II Band Festival, held at West Shamokin High School.

    His clinic discussed the benefits of building a strong low brass section for the wind band and strategies for inspiring and challenging young low brass musicians.

    Lauber Presents on Preventing Drug and Alcohol Addiction to High School Students


    Beware the slow, biological adaptation that occurs in your brain as a result of repeated exposure to mind-altering substances. That was Erick Lauber’s (Journalism and Public Relations) principle message on February 21 as he presented to a roomfull of high school students at the 2018 Youth Leadership Conference, hosted by the Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug and Alcohol Commission at the HUB.

    “Adolescence is the highest at-risk population for development of a substance abuse disorder in part because of heightened neural plasticity,” he explained. “This means the adolescent brain is re-wiring very heavily, and flooding the system with these outside chemicals will cause a change at the neural level, resulting eventually in addiction.”

    He demonstrated several biological and psychological concepts with fun dip candy and Hershey’s chocolates. Students were representatives of each of the high schools in Indiana County.

    Lauber is director of Community Health and Leadership at the MARTI-CBH institute at IUP. He is currently heading the Opioid Prevention and Community Health Initiative, an outreach effort by MARTI to help the local community with the heroin/opioid crisis. More information about this multi-pronged effort can be found on the MARTI website.

    Caulder Presents Clinic for Regional Music Teachers


    Stephanie Caulder, Music, presented an Act 48 session titled “Why Not Play the Oboe? Tips and Strategies for Success” at the Pennsylvania Music Educators Association District 1 Junior High Band Festival on March 2, 2018, at Mt. Lebanon High School in Pittsburgh.

    Approximately 40 junior high and high school music teachers attended the clinic, which focused on typical problems music teachers might encounter with young oboists and how to correct them.

    Elementary Students Try Neuroprosthetics with Nealen During Brain Awareness Week


    Brain Awareness Week is an international effort by neuroscience societies to promote public awareness of the progress and benefits of brain research.

    Each March, thousands of neuroscience researchers and educators sponsor Brain Awareness Week activities and events for students across the globe. Paul Nealen (Biology) joined the effort by holding an educational session titled “Eavesdropping on the Brain,” in which elementary school students learned about the output signals the brain generates to cause skeletal muscle contractions. 

    The class discussed the advancing technology of brain-machine interfaces, drawing inspiration from multiple sources, including science fiction and robotics. The students also tried to control a neuroprosthetic robotic claw to grasp and lift small objects, a feat that is very challenging, but which some students mastered quickly.

    Nealen also provided a series of neuroscience workbooks and puzzles for inclusion into science lessons beyond his visit.

    To learn more about Brain Awareness Week, visit the

    Wong Doe Gives Master Class at Duquesne University


    IUP piano faculty member Henry Wong Doe (Music) gave a master class at the Mary Pappert School of Music, Duquesne University, on Wednesday, April 4.

    Wong Doe gave the class at the invitation of Duquesne piano professors Ken Burky and David Allen Wehr. All piano major were in attendance, and Wong Doe worked with students playing pieces by Chopin, Muczynski, and Liszt.

    Ankrum Elected to Board of Directors for Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers


    Julie Ankrum, assistant professor in the Department of Professional Studies in Education, was elected to the serve on the Board of Directors for the Association of Literacy Educators and Researchers.

    The three-year term begins in November 2018.

    Runge Participates in Governor’s School Safety Task Force Meeting


    Timothy Runge, professor of Educational and School Psychology, was invited to participate in one of Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s six School Safety Task Force meetings.

    Runge participated in the May 30, 2018, session in Erie, along with various cabinet members and their staffers, mental health professionals, educators, parents, advocates, law enforcement, and students.

    Runge spoke about the need to increase the number of mental health professionals working in schools, including school psychologists, school counselors, school social workers, home-school visitors, and school nurses. He also spoke about the value of implementing school-wide positive behavioral interventions and supports as a framework to prevent, assess, and intervene on mental health issues facing nearly 25 percent of children and youth.

    Bizzaro to Serve on CCCC Executive Committee


    Resa Crane Bizzaro, English, has been elected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Conference on College Composition and Communication. This body governs and oversees the business of the international organization. Committee members are expected to attend two meetings each year and two retreats to manage their responsibilities.

    Deardorff, Branan, Lewis, and Mount Receive NSF Award to Fund Design Workshop for State System-Wide Geoscience Field Camp


    The Geoscience Department (as well as collaborators at Edinboro, Kutztown, and West Chester universities) have received $33,576 in funding from the National Science Foundation to host a workshop focused on designing an inclusive geology field camp for all Pennsylvania State System Geoscience programs.

    The workshop will be held in early January 2019 and will include faculty, administrators, and university staff from IUP, Edinboro, Kutztown, and West Chester. Participants will meet to work through the logistics of creating a State System-wide inter-university geology course, which has never been done before, and design the course. Creation of this new inter-university field course will revolutionize field camp in Pennsylvania.

    Palmer Selected for NCFR Academic Program Review Committee


    Kalani Palmer, assistant professor in Child Development and Family Relations and program coordinator for Family and Consumer Sciences Education, was selected to serve as a member of the National Council on Family Relations’ Certified Family Life Educator Academic Program Review Committee

    The committee is charged with the review and approval of academic program applications. Approximately 125 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada are CFLE-approved programs. There are three approved programs in Pennsylvania: one at Messiah College, one at Penn State, and one here at IUP. The Child Development and Family Relations program is the CFLE-approved program at IUP.

    Palmer will serve a three-year term beginning in January 2019.

    Established in 1938, NCFR is a nonpartisan, nonprofit professional organization focused solely on family research, policy, and practice. NCFR members include researchers and practitioners dedicated to the study and strengthening of families. Palmer is a certified family life educator and member of NCFR.

    Palmer earned her doctorate and master’s degree from the University of Pittsburgh in applied developmental psychology. She also earned her bachelor’s degree from Carlow College in art/art education. She is the project director of the US Department of Education grant, Child Care Access Means Parents in School (CCAMPIS) at IUP. In addition to supporting the retention, persistence, and graduation of student-parents, Palmer engages in applied research projects and evaluation work.