Assisting the Undecided Student

  • There is no need to seek impatiently for greatness, fame, or wealth. The Earth and the Sun do not hurry; they follow their own path at their own pace. If the Earth were to accelerate and complete one rotation in three hours instead of twenty four, we would be in big trouble! The most important thing in life, too, is to find a sure and certain path and confidently advance along it. —Daisaku Ikeda

    Where Oh Where to Turn?

    General Studies

    If you have explored all of IUP's academic degree programs and you still haven't found the right fit for your talents, interests, life, and career desires, consider exploring General Studies!

    • AA in General Studies
      • The Associate of Arts degree with a major in General Studies is designed for the nontraditional or adult learner who seeks to acquire a broad base of knowledge in the liberal arts. This program consists of the core of Liberal Studies requirements of the bachelor’s degree programs plus ten credits of electives. Course requirements are sometimes adjusted for individuals. No more that 30 credits may be transferred into this degree program from other colleges.
      • For more information about this degree, view the IUP Undergraduate Catalog (PDF format) and read pages 62–63.
    • BS in General Studies
      • The Bachelor of Science degree with a major in General Studies is designed for the mature adult student who, under faculty advisement, can explore and develop an individualized plan of study which does not approach any existing IUP major. This individually designed plan of study must be based on a specific theme which incorporates basic and applied coursework within a theoretical framework culminating in a senior-year independent research project. At the time of application for degree candidacy or transfer from another major, the student must submit a plan of study which contains the proposed theme, rationale, and courses needed to satisfy the Special Interest Area. A faculty member will be assigned to assist with the plan of study prior to acceptance to degree candidacy. Students other than Adult and Continuing Education students must have completed 45 credits before a request for transfer will be honored. The student’s plan of study, which is designed to fulfill the Special Interest Area, must be approved.
      • For more information, see the undergraduate catalog and read page 62.

    IUP Student Support Resources:

    The on-line IUP Undergraduate Catalog in PDF format.
    Pages for the items are provided.

    • Change of Major Policies — pgs. 25 and 57
    • Degrees Offered at IUP, Undergraduate — pg. 2
    • General Studies: Associate of Arts — pg. 62
    • General Studies: Bachelor of Science — pg. 63

    IUP Course Descriptions (Undergraduate)

    • Course ADVT 170 Career Exploration, offered in both the Fall and Spring semesters
    • Course: DVST 170 Career Exploration
    • And explore many undergraduate courses

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