Computing Your GPA: Grade Point Average

  • Here are the three steps you need to know!

    1. To calculate your quality points, you must:
      • List each IUP course and the credits attempted for each course.
      • Add these credits to obtain your total credit hours attempted.
    2. Multiply your credits attempted for each course by the quality points earned for the grade you received (A=4, B=3, C=2, D=1, F=0).
      • Add these numbers to obtain your total number of quality points earned.
    3. Divide your total number of quality points earned (sum from number 2 above) by a total number of credit hours attempted (sum from number 1 above). This is your cumulative Grade Point Average.


    PSYC 101: 3 credits (A) = 12 quality points

    HIST 195: 3 credits (B) = 9 quality points

    BIOL 103: 4 credits (B) = 12 quality points

    ARHI 101: 3 credits (C) = 6 quality points

    ENGL 101: 4 credits (A) = 16 quality points


    17 credits attempted and 55 quality points

    So, divide 17 into 55 = 3.24 GPA

    From Student Services List