Advisor Common Space

  • Advice is like snow; the softer it falls the longer it dwells upon,
    and the deeper it sinks into the mind. —Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    Talk low, talk slow, and don’t talk too much. —John Wayne

    Explore IUP’s GPA “What If” Calculator

    • The GPA “What If” Calculator for faculty/advisors can be found in MyIUP under Advising Tools menu on the Academics page. Faculty and advisors are invited to review this easy guide to learn how to use the GPA “What If” Calculator.
    • A version is available for the students which will only allow them to view their own courses and grades. This is found on the Academic Records menu in the Student Services area.

    Advisor Common Space

    1. Information to Keep Handy
    2. IUP Handbooks and Catalogs
    3. IUP Libraries and Technology
    4. University Planning and Curriculum Actions
    5. Web Resources Outside of IUP
      • NACADA (National Academic Advising Association) NACADA’s mission is to... Champion the educational role of academic advisors to enhance student learning and development in a diverse world; Affirm the role of academic advising in student success and persistence, thereby supporting institutional mission and vitality; Anticipate the academic advising needs of twenty-first century students, advisors, and institutions; Advance the body of knowledge on academic advising; Foster the talents and contributions of all members and promote the involvement of diverse population.
      • NACADA Papers, Monographs, and Other Resources
        • NACADA Resource Clearinghouse: Advising Issues and Resources 
        • “The Advising Appointment” 
        • “A Caring Attitude” 
        • Distance Education and On-line Advising Resources (NACADA) 
        • “FERPA: Basic Guidelines for Faculty and Staff. A Simple Step-by-Step Approach for Compliance” 
        • “How to Thrive, Not Just Survive, as a New Advisor”
        • “Legal Issues in Advising”
        • A Commonplace Book for Advisors— A treasury of quotations for academic advisors and other mentors in higher education.
        • Center for Excellence in Academic Advising— An electronic resource for academic advising that provides links to other Internet sites that are useful to faculty advisors.
        • The Mentor: An Academic Advising On-line Journal — The Mentor is a free electronic publication about academic advising in higher education. The goal of this journal (available only on the Web) is to provide a mechanism for the rapid dissemination of new ideas about advising and for ongoing discourse about advising issues. Toward this goal, articles in the journal are published continuously in a current issue in progress. The Mentor is published by Penn State's Center for Excellence in Academic Advising.