Academic Record Awareness, Rights, and Policies

  • For all the twists, turns, conundrums, and questions . . .

    . . . your student advisees may well bring to you for discussion, your knowledge and understanding of these various IUP undergraduate student policies is very important. Many of these actions will require a form with the approval signature of the student’s academic advisor.

    Find IUP’s Academic Policies in the index of the online Undergraduate Catalog (in PDF format).

    This list is some of the academic policies that you may encounter. Please take time to review them.

    • Academic Honors
    • Academic Integrity Policy and Procedures
    • Academic Standards Policy
    • Advanced Placement and Credit/Exemption Exams
    • Advisory Program
    • Audit Policy
    • Cancelled Semester Policy
    • Change of Major
    • Class Absence
    • Class Descriptions
    • Course Repeat Policy
    • Dual Baccalaureate Degrees
    • Final Examination Policies
    • Fresh Start Policy
    • Grade Change Policy
    • Grading Policies
    • Student Grade Appeal Policy
    • I (Incomplete Grade) Policy
    • Inclement Weather Policy
    • Internship/Cooperative Education
    • L (Late Grade, Continuing Course) Policy
    • Midterm Grade Report Policy
    • Active Military Service Policy for Enrolled Students
    • Normal Credit Loads
    • Pass-Fail Policy
    • Prior Learning/Portfolio Assessment
    • Quality Points and Determining QPA
      (Within this section, you will find the explanation for Institutional Credit: Institutional credit counts toward enrollment status, but does not count toward graduation or in GPA calculation.) 
    • Schedule Changes (Drop/Add)
    • Sophomore Screening for Junior Status Approval
    • Undergraduate Course Attendance Policy
    • University Policy on Semester Course Syllabi
    • Withdrawal Policies