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Leon Miller Memorial Scholarship (0558)

  • Sue Rieg regrets never thanking her first grade teacher—but she has done two things to honor him. First, she herself became a teacher. Then, she created an endowed scholarship that will be awarded in memory of Leon Miller.

    Rieg didn’t have the minimum $25,000 for the fund to be endowed, but that hasn’t stopped her. Reaching out to members of Miller’s family and her own friends and family, she is raising the money. Endowment accounts award funds for scholarships and other needs through the interest earned on the principal.

    While honoring Miller’s memory has been Rieg’s priority, there is another.

    “It’s not easy for students today to get through school with the price of tuition and the price of books,” said Rieg, who chairs the Professional Studies in Education Department. “A lot of my students are working two and three jobs just to pay for tuition, housing, books, and extra materials. I was blessed that my parents were able to pay my way, but that’s just not the case anymore. There aren’t as many jobs out there for our students. They definitely need our help.”