Assisting Athletes (6010)

  • Lacrosse at IUP is a women's varsity sport.

    The success of IUP's varsity athletics teams translates into positive publicity for the university, the town, and the region.

    IUP's athletes count on your support the help them succeed not only in the field, in the pool, on the court or course, or on the track but also in the classroom. In fact, a study by the NCAA reveals that a decent number of student athletes are first-generation college students who aspire to be the first in their families to obtain a college degree.

    Your gift will help them to do just that. 

    When you make your gift on the online form or pledge using the printed form, please be sure to note fund 6010 in support of IUP athletes.

    You may make an immediate gift online by following the link above. Or, get print forms that you may mail to us. Either way, we thank you!

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