Dean’s Innovation Fund: College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Student and professor looking at large map

    The dean of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences has noted the following needs for the college.

    • Increased internship funding and support for students both nationally and abroad.
    • Travel: Recent gifts helped support travel to the Lilly South Conference in North Carolina. This conference investigated gender differences in learning, incorporated technology into teaching, and encouraged critical thinking.
    • Increased scholarship aid to students
    • Student participation in unpaid internships when they cannot afford to take an unpaid position
    • Funds to make possible incorporate of hands-on service learning components in the classrooms, such as trips off campus to volunteer for local government service or at homeless shelters
    • Sponsorship for students to present research papers at national and international conferences
    • Funds to bring nationally recognized speakers to the college
    • Funds to offer symposiums on campus, such as the panel that examined the Sago Mine tragedy

    Specifically, gifts can be used for the following:

    • $25: Presentation supplies for two students; videos for students in Latin American Studies, Pan African Studies, or Asian American Studies classes; tickets for two students to attend an on-campus cultural event
    • $50: One textbook, registration fee for two students at a regional conference
    • $100: Contribution to a departmental scholarship, partial costs of a passport/visa for a student to study abroad, graduate or professional school application fee for a current student
    • $500: One semester’s worth of books for student in need, establishment of an outstanding student award for a department
    • $1,500: Summer housing for a student to participate in an out-of-state internship, travel and lodging expenses for an out-of-state conference
    • $2,500: Educational speaker to complement a First-Year Experience course, stipend for an unpaid internship