Your Gifts in Action

  • Sutton Scholars in the Oak Grove

    In the photo: Several students who received the Sutton Scholarship took a few moments out of their week-long summer experience to pose for a photo. The average high school GPA of Sutton Scholarship recipients is 3.81.

    How We Use Your GiftsTrue scholarship relies on innovation and concentration. Your generosity provides the chance for IUP students to prepare for all the future holds. We thank you for your investment. We are pleased to share just a few examples of what your generosity has done.

    • The Sutton Scholarship  was awarded to 122 incoming freshmen. Funded by the Foundation for IUP and gifts from alumni and friends, the scholarship is meant to afford the brightest students with renewable annual funding. When they graduate, they can concentrate on earning a living and making a difference in their communities, instead of fretting over too much loan debt.
    • With the help of a Dean’s Merit Scholarship , Dan O’Hara has conducted numerous research projects on the science of earthquakes, including research and study in Taiwan. He hopes to someday teach at the college level and provide future students with the same high-quality experience he has received at IUP. See other examples of students who have benefited from scholarship support.
    • World renowned soprano Renee Fleming, who received the National Medal of the Arts shortly after her appearance at IUP, performed in a packed Fisher Auditorium through IUP’s Lively Arts program. Gifts that funded her performance also endowed in her honor a scholarship that will benefit IUP music students.
    • The Foundation for IUP allocates a portion of its investment portfolio to a student group in Eberly College of Business and Information Technology. The Student Managed Investment Porfolio project affords students real money for real investing under the guidance of faculty advisors.  Your investment in IUP directly benefits these students, helping them gain real-world experience in portfolio management. 
    Note: The chart labeled "How We Spend Your Gifts" does not reflect several philanthropic grants made to IUP through the IUP Research Institute. Those provided additional academic program support.