Oak Grove Society 2012-13 Summary of Giving

  • Oak Grove Society sealThe Oak Grove Society recognizes those who have made estate gifts to the Foundation for IUP or reported they are remembering the Foundation in their future estate and financial plans. It also recognizes people who have made gifts of $1 million or more over the course of their tenure of giving to IUP.

    The Oak Grove is the heart of the original campus—the main focal point around which the university is built. Rooted in deep tradition, the Oak Grove continues to serve as a central gathering place for the university community for leisurely moments as well as for special activities and noteworthy events. Likewise, the membership of the Oak Grove Society is built upon the foundation of support from bequests, charitable gift annuities, charitable trusts, life insurance, and other gifts that individuals have made or intend to make in the future through their estate and financial plans.

    The following membership list includes active members who have made gifts or informed the Foundation for IUP of their gift intentions.  It also includes those deceased members who have fulfilled their gift commitments during the timeframe of this report.

    Stephen Abel ’73

    George Aggen ’76, M’78 

    Jay Althouse ’73, M’75 

    Alan Anderson ’50 

    Anonymous Alumni       

    Ida Arms*

    Barbara Boucher Barber ’72  

    Robert Bozzone

    Edward Bratton* and Joan H. Bratton*

    Lewis Brindle ’75 

    Sherman Brizzi ’73  

    Bonnie Curry Brose ’67                       

    Catherine Burger-Leister ’78 

    M. Dorcas Clark

    John Conrad ’58  

    Robert Cook ’64 and Paula Brooks

    George Coury Jr. ’56 

    Dennis Cramer ’75, M’82 and Elizabeth Michaliszyn Cramer ’76 

    William Culp ’57 

    Thomas Curtiss Jr.

    Linda Deabenderfer

    Hugh Dempsey D’79

    David Dentler ’83        

    Owen Dougherty Jr. ’88  

    Robert Dreisbach ’49  

    Derek Fairman ’03 

    Joyce Fairman ’76, M’84  

    Howard Fargo ’51 

    Frank Fazio Jr. and Beverly Fazio

    David Frick ’57 

    C. Alexander Garvin

    Barry Gasdek ’64 

    George Glarner Jr. ’56 

    Wayne Gorell              

    Donald L. Green

    D. Kathleen Nevins Greenwell ’71   

    Karen Philippi Gresh ’67  

    Olive Reitz Hadley M’67*  

    Joseph Hardy III

    Joseph Hickey ’63 

    Ann Salinger Hunt ’51

    Chad Hurley ’99 

    Daniel Jack ’79          

    Audrey Vogan Johnson ’52  

    Karla Jones ’83 

    Richard Kapsa ’54

    John Kennedy ’67   

    Frank Kinter Jr. and Hastie Kinter

    Naomi Kipp ’60, ’85, M’82      

    Edward Knittel ’78, M’86 and Lori Griffin Knittel ’78   

    Theodore Korenowski ’66 

    Judith Geyer Kovalchick ’65, M’69 and Joseph Kovalchick

    Anthony Kuzneski                    

    Joseph Laposata ’60 and Anita Sabo Laposata ’61 

    Mary Leisher Leipheimer ’66 

    William Lewis ’81 and Eileen Bird Lewis ’81 

    Douglas Lingenfelter ’83 

    George Lucas ’74, M’88* 

    William Lund

    James McCormick ’59            

    R. Keith Michael ’52 and Marion Bankert Michael ’51  

    Laurabel Hamilton Miller ’48, M’63 

    Charles Mociak ’77 

    Beatrice Moore

    Logan Moorhead 

    Diane Mularz ’72 

    Marian Murray

    Nancy Zebraskey Nelson ’57 

    Nancy Newkerk

    Michael O’Sullivan ’75                        

    Mark Pasquerilla

    Lisa Fairman Pfingstler

    Mark Piwinsky

    Mary Fasold Poling ’90 

    Maureen Flaherty Post ’63 

    Thomas Pressly

    David Reddecliff ’82  

    Roger Riedley ’72 

    Ruth Riesenman ’64

    Rodney Ruddock ’65, M’75 and Ellen Sylves Ruddock ’66  

    Mary Jane Fiscus Rudge ’45 

    Patricia Scott ’81, D’06   

    Erla Weaver Seacrist ’50        

    Terry Serafini ’61 

    David Serene 

    Anita Malone Shaffer ’54  

    William Shipley ’75                 

    David Siesko ’83                      

    Jonathan Smith ’82

    Mark Staszkiewicz

    Wanda Stitt-Gohdes ’70 

    Dennis Stover ’76 and Regina Dressel Stover ’75 

    Myron Tomb Jr. ’69                            

    Shari Trinkley ’81 

    William J. Wagner ’75 

    Ned Wert ’58 

    Rosemary Williamson ’71  

     * Deceased