New Endowed Funds

  • The income from endowment funds is used to meet ongoing expenses, cover capital expenditures, or fund special projects and programs. Generous benefactors established 16 new funds in 2012-13 that will assist with scholarships, athletics, and much more.

    The Begany Family Scholarship

    Tom and Jamie Ellis Scholarship for Football

    Renee Fleming Scholarship in Vocal Performance

    Folkmen Scholarship

    Barry D. Gasdek Sports and ROTC Hall of Fame Scholarship for Football

    William and Jean Joseph Family Scholarship

    Walt and Susan Lewis Energy Management Scholarship

    Robert Millward Scholarship

    Glenn C. Hess ’37 and Virginia Niessner Hess Scholarship

    Bill and Cass Neal Football Scholarship

    Gary J. Olmstead Percussion Endowment

    Dr. Robert M. Raemore Track and Field Endowment

    Ronald and Joanne Steiner Scholarship for Musical Theater

    Theta Chi Heroes Memorial Scholarship

    Kathleen Jones White Endowment

    Tim Zahumensky Memorial Scholarship for Nursing