2012-13 Trustees Council

  • Members of the Trustees Council recognizes those who have given to IUP with gifts of $2,500 to $4,999

    Robert Bachman '65†
    Nadav Baum '86 and Nancy Wallace Baum '83
    John Benson '88 and Susan Benson†
    Elaine Berry M'67†
    Mark Bickert '87 and Lisa Bickert†
    Jeffrey Bobich '93 and Angela Bobich†
    Anna-Hughes Carone M'89 and Patrick Carone†
    Richard Cassel†
    John Cavanaugh '67 and Barbara Cavanaugh
    Frank Cignetti Sr. '60, M'65 and Marlene Cignetti
    Francis Condino and Marty Condino†
    Jane Dorsett Covert '69 and Dennis Covert†
    Jere Cowden '69 and Sharon Tahl Cowden '71
    Christopher Cox '85 and Susan Homola Cox '85
    Susan Snell Delaney '64 and John Delaney†
    Linda Houk Double '67 and William Double†
    Brett Duell
    Omah Duggan†
    David Elko '76 and Constance Elko†
    George Glarner Jr. '56 and Betty Glarner†
    Terry Griffith '74 and Donna McCrea Griffith '74, M'77†
    Terry Guthrie '70, M'72†
    Patricia Hartwell M'88†
    Michael J. Hood and Kitty Hood D'08†
    Richard Hoskinson '60 and Lin Ace Hoskinson†
    John Joll '50 and Mary Joll†
    Alex Juhasz and Rosemary Juhasz†
    Erin Koolman '12
    Timothy Kronenwetter and Sally Kronenwetter
    Walter Lewis Jr. '70 and Suzanne Lamm Lewis '71†
    Barry Lippencott '67 and Patricia Hedges Lippencott '68†
    Richard Macedonia '66, D'06 and Jane Whalen Macedonia '66
    Kathleen Lambert Mack '79 and Jonathan Mack
    Gary Madich '77 and Cynthia Madich†
    James Maple '86 and Irene Maple
    Maura Mittelhauser Marcus '90, M'01 and Robert Marcus†
    Daniel Markey '77 and Linda Markey†
    James Martin and Marcella Martin
    William Mechling and Darla Mechling†
    Thomas Moore '76 and Karen Mertz Moore '76
    Jeffrey Moran '89
    Sylvia Noronha
    Michele Wippich Norwood M'92†
    David Osikowicz Jr. and Debbie Osikowicz†
    John Pettina '87 and Cathy Jones Pettina '87†
    Mark Piwinsky and Dolores Brzycki†
    Martha Piwinsky†
    Ruth Podbielski†
    Howard Puterman '86 and Kate Puterman†
    Stephen Rafferty M'90 and Christine Rafferty
    L. Elizabeth Hosack Rhule M'85†
    Ruth Riesenman '64†
    Joseph Saffron '63 and Merceda Biordi Saffron '65†
    Deanne Snavely
    David Snyder '72 and Sandra J Ford Snyder '73
    Carol Sommer
    Sheldon Thorpe and Sandra Thorpe
    William Wagner '75 and Amy Wagner†
    Thomas Wallace '80†
    Cindy Rhine Watta '75, M'79 and Robert Watta
    Don White†
    William Ziegler M'80 and Barbara Ziegler†

    †Loyalty Society members