2012-13 President's Council

  • Members of President’s Council have made commitments to IUP of between $1,250 and $2,499.

    John Aaron and Susan Aaron
    Stephen Abel '73†
    Judith Ahern '67†
    Andrea Logue Alsippi '75†
    Charles Baltzer†
    Gretchen Barbor M'85 and John Barbor†
    Lance Barnes '01 and Christa Ziegler '01
    Michael Bertness '88 and Denise Haverty Bertness '86†
    Evan Bohnen and Tonia Bohnen
    Helene Boroch '76
    Clare Bretz '69 and Thomas Sullivan†
    Bernard Bruns '68 and Margaret Pavolko Bruns '67†
    Richard Buczek '83
    Bret Buterbaugh and Marie Buterbaugh†
    Robert Camp††
    Victor Campbell III '68
    R. Michael Carlson '73 and Susan Carlson†
    Phillip Carrai '83 and Angela Carrai
    James Casaday '75 and Colleen Lyons Casaday '77
    Charles Cashdollar '65 and Donna Cashdollar†
    Beverly Chiarulli†
    Gerald Clark '69 and Cheryl Dunlap Clark '68†
    Kevin Colosimo '94
    Virginia Crider†
    Mary Cunningham
    Paul Curry Jr. '82
    Janet Daugherty '63 and Donald Daugherty
    David Deabenderfer and Linda Deabenderfer
    Donna Prosper DeFilippi '78 and Albert DeFilippi
    Robert Dellaposta '67
    Ann DiPasquale '77
    Michael Donnelly and Linda Donnelly†
    Kathleen Durkin M'76
    Lisa Heinauer Evans '76 and Stephen Evans
    Hope Everhart†
    David Feiglstok '81 and Julie Moss
    John Frank '58 and Jeannette Frank†
    Elizabeth Illar Fry '71 and Edwin Fry
    David Frye '79 and Linda Frye†
    Eleanor Mihalyi Gallati '54 and Walter Gallati†
    Frederick Garbinski '65 and Judith Garbinski
    Mark Geletka and Phyllis Geletka†
    John Godfrey '89†
    Luis Gonzalez
    Robin A. Gorman and Kay L. Gorman†
    Elizabeth Gregg
    Mary Anne Hannibal and Alan Hannibal
    Carolyn Green Hartnett D'80†
    Florence Lattimer Helwig†
    John Hill '74 and Janet Hill
    W. David Hoff and Kim Hoff†
    Mary Kennedy Hogan '11, '74 and Donald Hogan†
    Mark Holman '79 and Sonia Holman†
    Scott Horton '87 and Shelley Owens Horton '89
    Mary Hovanec '73 and Howard Miska†
    Tom Ingram '63 and Mollie Ingram†
    Gerald Intemann and Chris Intemann†
    Daniel Jack '79
    Adrienne Kapisak '65†
    Richard Kapsa '54†
    Dennis Kelly M'90†
    Beatrice Kerridge '91†
    John Kilmarx and Beth Kilmarx†
    Frank Kinter Jr. and Hastie Kinter†
    Matthew Konetschni '95, M'98 and Lynn Konetschni
    Michael Krueger '79 and Mary Krueger†
    Larry Kubala '80 and Barbara Bentrim Kubala '68, M'73
    Kenneth Kunkle '86 and Lora Fulton Kunkle '91
    Jodell Kuzneski and Anthony Kuzneski†
    Susan Lawlor
    Seok Lee '86 and Ok Lee
    Peggy McHenry Lepley-Hermann '49†
    John Liebenguth '79 and Norma Rhing Liebenguth '79†
    Larry Lockard and Mary Lockard†
    Janet Servinsky Lombardi '85 and Joseph Lombardi†
    Rhonda Luckey and Alan Luckey '87, M'89†
    Sean McLanahan '92 and Diane McLanahan
    Susan McMurdy '78 and John McMurdy Jr.
    Timothy McQuaide†
    Elaine Lytle Mead '70 and James Mead†
    Anthony Medvetz '86 and Linda Kunkle Medvetz '90
    James Miller and Nancy Miller†
    Timothy Moerland
    Tadd Morganti '98 and Kristine Morganti
    Matthew Morrison '93†
    Wendy Naman '92
    Edward Nardi D'96†
    Frances Nee†
    Nick Palombi '76
    Scott Parker '97
    Leo Paterra '77†
    L. Ronald Peters '65 and Andrea Fleischer Peters '65†
    Ralph Phillips* and Violet Phillips
    Sam Phillips '91 and Lisa Phillips†
    Lynn Pierce '90, M'91 and Michael Riesmeyer '91
    Daniel Powers '70 and Cathy Glassford Powers '70†
    Michael Powers and Heather Powers
    Wallace Putt '69 and Donna Dickie Putt '69†
    Rick Radatovich '87 and Mary Radatovich
    John Reynolds '71 and Kathy L Reynolds†
    Robert Riggie '05†
    Frank Roberts and Sharon Roberts
    Fred Roberts and Margaret Roberts
    Catherine Rodgers '71†
    John Roschy '62 and Bonnie Roschy†
    William Satterlee
    William Scheeren '68 and Judith Scheeren†
    James Self '65 and Jamiela Self†
    Andrew Senko '89
    Joseph Serene III
    William Shipley '75 and Judith Shipley
    David Smith and Kay Smith†
    Samuel Smith and Donna Smith
    Paul Smocer '74 and Susan Seftic Smocer '75†
    William Speidel III and Barbe Speidel
    Douglas Steve '92, M'93 and Julie Steve
    Susan Giles Stonebraker '68†
    William Sugra and El Sugra†
    Michael Supinka and Vivian Supinka†
    C. Robert Tate '69 and Brenda Tate†
    Debora Ranieri Tate '89 and Louis Tate†
    William Thompson '85 and Dana Prola Thompson '85†
    John Trettel '55 and G. Yvonne Galli Trettel '54†
    Mary Turnbach '83
    Richard Ubinger '81 and Lori Ubinger
    Debra Valentine Gray†
    Larry Vold and Edwina Vold†
    Virginia Wagstaff
    Gealy Wallwork and Betty Wallwork†
    John Weyandt '67, M'69 and Kathleen Weyandt†
    Adeline Jones Wilk '56†
    Lenora Saxton Woodard M'76 and Melvin Woodard†
    Patricia Young M'70

    †Loyalty Society members