2012-13 John Sutton Society

  • A part of the IUP Leadership Society, the John Sutton Society recognizes those who give $10,000 or more.

    Anonymous (2)
    Ida Arms*†
    Jane Miller Banks '56 and Charles Banks†
    Robert Basehore Jr. '71 and Kathie Kuvinka Basehore '71†
    William Beck
    James Boytim '59, M'66 and Joan Frey Boytim '55, M'64†
    Edward Bratton* and Joan H. Bratton
    Tim Cejka '73 and Debra Phillips Cejka '73†
    Jamie Ellis '94, M'99
    Beverly Fairman '77†
    Joyce Ritenour Fairman '76, M'84†
    Ronald Fairman and Tina Fairman
    Derek Fairman '03 and Lindsay Fairman†
    Jack Ferguson†
    Barry Gasdek '64†
    Daniel Griffith '70, M'72 and Diane Griffith†
    James Haslett '91 and Lizabeth Haslett
    Garry Hess and Linda Hess
    Chad Hurley '99 and Kathy Hurley
    Nell Jack
    Judith Geyer Kovalchick '65, M'69 and Joseph Kovalchick
    Mary Leisher Leipheimer '66†
    Pamela Hale McGuire '69 and John McGuire
    Thomas Miller '51 and Corinne Miller
    M. Michelina Zoffuto Olmstead '73, M'79 and Gary Olmstead
    Joseph Peduzzi '87 and Christine Scott Peduzzi '88
    Jack H. Reefer Jr. '69†
    Joseph Reschini and Anne Marie Reschini
    Timothy Rupert '68 and Susan Rupert†
    Terry Serafini '61 and Janet Serafini†
    Randall Sheetz '77 and Holly Sheetz†
    Edward Sims '53†
    Charles Spadafora and Linda Spadafora†
    Ronald Steiner and Joanne Steiner†
    Christine Toretti
    David White and Peggy White
    Ann G. Wilmoth†
    Alice Zaucha M'85 and Thomas Zaucha†

    †Loyalty Society members