John Sutton Society, 2016-17

  • The 2016-17 John Sutton Society recognizes those who gave between $10,000 and $24,999.   

    Lorna Milkovich Abernathy '83 and Justin Abernathy†

    Anonymous (4)

    James Ashton Jr. '64 and Virginia Harrigan Ashton '64

    Donald Balenovich

    Jane Miller Banks '56†

    Robert Basehore Jr. '71 and Kathie Kuvinka Basehore '71†

    Alan Baumler and Shari Baumler†

    Joan Frey Boytim '55, M'64†

    Carolyn Campbell

    Richard Caruso '83†

    Craig Cox '79†

    Michael Driscoll and Rebecca Driscoll†

    Derek Fairman '03 and Lindsay Fairman†

    Joyce Ritenour Fairman '76, M'84†

    Robert Fisher Jr.

    Frederick Garbinski '65 and Judith Garbinski†

    Barry Gasdek '64 and Rita Gasdek

    Chris Holuta '89 and Luci Scerbo Holuta '89

    Joseph Holuta '80 and Jayne Wallwork Holuta '78

    John Kengla '67, M'72

    Larry Kubala '80 and Barbara Bentrim Kubala '68, M'73†

    Jane Ramsey Logan '63 and H. Morris Logan†

    Thomas Miller '51 and Corinne Miller†

    Mario Morino and Dana Morino

    Martha Piwinsky†

    Timothy Rupert '68 and Susan Rupert†

    William Rusnack '66 and Marsha Zamberlan Rusnack '66†

    Edward Sims '53†

    David Smith and Kay Smith†

    Deanne Snavely†

    Kenneth Sosnick '03 and Jennifer Olsen†

    Dennis Stover '76 and Regina Dressel Stover '75†

    Andrew Wallwork II M'89 and Patricia Goble Wallwork '78

    Cindy Rhine Watta '75, M'79 and Robert Watta†

    John Weyandt '67, M'69 and Kathleen Weyandt†

    Ann G. Wilmoth†

    Alice Zaucha M'85 and Thomas Zaucha†


    †Loyalty Society Member

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