Hawks Council

The 2015-16 Hawks Council members are graduates of the last decade, broken into two groups.

Graduates of 6 to 10 Years Ago, Giving $500-$999

Robyn Ashbridge-McAneny M'08 and Bernard Lockard Jr.

Andrew Davis M'07 and Stephanie Taylor-Davis

Aaron Douthit '15 and Carly Lewis '14

Amaechi Ezekoye '08

Nicholas Fennell '09

Meredith Giantsos '07

Lacey George Gibson '05 and Justin Gibson

Dorothy Gracey M'05, D'10

Hiral Patel M'09

Robert Marcink D'09

Adriane McGraw '10 and Joshua Stepp

David Reed '00 and Heather Camp Reed M'13

Cory Scharbo '05 and Amber Scharbo

Daniel Steinhaus '08 and Maria Steinhaus

Junlue Zhang M'07 and Joan Zhang

Graduates of the Last Five Years, Giving $250-$499

Kokoh Agbere '14

Gregory Bauman

William Bova Jr. M'14

Monae Dowling '14

Albert Harrison M'12

Jamie Moskyok Heilman '14

Megan Henry '14

Shreyas Jayaram M'13

Tyrone Jones Jr. '14, M'15

John Makara D'12 and Kalina Makara

Rebecca Mir '10

Daniel O'Hara '14

Elijah Rosenthal '15

Rodney Taylor II M'12

Robert Townley '14

Jacob Wareham '10

Kimberly Wick '12, M'14 and Charles Wick

Andrew Wutsch '13

Ashley Youngkin '14

Stephan Zaborowski '10


Loyalty Society Member

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