New Scholarship Funds for 2014-15

The income from endowment funds is used to create scholarship opportunities, meet ongoing expenses, cover capital expenditures, or fund special projects and programs. Generous benefactors established 16 new endowment funds in 2014-15 that will assist students from a variety of majors and backgrounds.

Doris and John Stamp, Sr. and William H. Dalkin, Sr. Endowment
Barbara Lynn Claypoole Memorial Organ Scholarship
Jerry and Libby Esposito Citizens' Ambulance Service Scholarship
Center for Family Business Scholarship
Fred '55 and Hazel Grant Streams '55 Scholarship
Dr. Charles E. Weber Family Endowed Scholarship
Dr. Samuel Mitrovich, Jr., Endowed Scholarship
Deborah Gasdek Booth and Barry Gasdek Scholarship for Fine Arts
Donnie Mash Memorial Baseball Scholarship
1968 Boardwalk Bowl Football Team Scholarship
Betty Ann Boone Wallwork Commemorative Scholarship
Jean Caldwell Jenkins Memorial Scholarship
Norman Smith '53 Scholarship
Larry and Barbara Kubala Scholarship
Asian Studies Student Scholarship

Immediate-use scholarships included the following:

Addison Gibson Foundation Scholarship
Asian Studies Student Scholarship
C. Edward Keller Scholarship for Criminology and Criminal Justice