Advisor Newsletter

  • These newsletters include various resources to help assist advisors.

  • September 2017 Newsletter
    Student Advocate joins ASC@IUP, Academic Policy Updates, Change is all around us... new programs, concentrations, and certificates
    March 2017 Newsletter
    The March newsletter contains information on: Change of Major requests going Electronic, Early Admission to IUP Graduate Programs, Students Identified Common Confusing Academic Phrases, and a survey for faculty feedback.
    January 2017
    Inside this issue: New Academic Programs Open for Admission, Important Spring 2017 Dates, Options for Student Academic/Subject/Skill Development, and Upcoming SSC Advisor Information Sessions
    Dec 2016 Newsletter
    Inside this edition: Hawks 102 First Semester Success Series, and Issues & Glitches that block graduation clearances
    Oct 2016 Newsletter
    Advisors are an important part of a student’s persistence and graduation. Students that develop a relationship with their advisor are more likely to continue their studies and earn a degree – especially those without a personal support network to help them navigate college. 
    April 2016 Newsletter
    Inside this issue: SSC Advisor Platform Super Users, and Advising Tips and Tricks for scheduling
    Special Edition Per Credit Tuition Model
    This edition discusses the new Per Credit Tuition Model
    Feb 2016 Newsletter
    Inside this issue: FAFSA Fast Facts for your Students, FERPA, Upload Watch List and how to filter courses up to 4 years ago
    Dec 2015 Newsletter
    In this Newsletter we discuss Helping IUP Students Succeed, entering fall grades, and International TUTOR Training Certification
    Oct 2015 Newsletter
    In this issue we discuss the Student Success Collaborative (SSC) Advisory Platform & Spring Registration