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Student Conduct Information for Faculty and Staff

  • For more information on the IUP Student Conduct Process, see the Student Behavior Regulations, located in the Source.

    What is the OSC’s mission?

    The Office of Student Conduct (OSC) supports the academic mission of the university by promoting the development of a campus community characterized by reasonable safety and security, responsible behavior, civility, and respect. Through enforcement of university policies and regulations, the office challenges students to take responsibility for their actions, demonstrate respect for themselves, property, and other individuals, and develop skills that will enhance lifelong problem solving, communication, and decision-making abilities.

    What is the OSC’s objective?

    The disciplinary system at IUP is designed to be non-adversarial, with the intent of promoting behavioral change while protecting the rights of the members of the university community. The university judicial process does not attempt to replace the criminal justice system or other legal responses to behaviors that violate federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. Students and recognized organizations that violate law and university policy are held accountable through both the legal system and the university disciplinary system.

    What does the OSC provide to IUP faculty and staff?

    • Assistance in addressing behavioral concerns presented by individual students and recognized student organizations
    • Explanation and interpretation of policies within the student code of conduct
    • Information and consultation regarding disciplinary issues and informal/formal options for resolution
    • Explanation of disciplinary processes and paperwork, due process rights of students, and timeline for case adjudication
    • Referral to the Provost’s office for alleged violations of the academic integrity policy (behavioral problems within or directly related to the classroom, academic dishonesty, etc.)