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Student Conduct Referral Process

  • Any individual who is a member of the IUP community (i.e., current faculty, staff, or student) may submit a student conduct referral involving a currently enrolled student to initiate the adjudication of allegations against that student. Most frequently, student conduct referrals are submitted by university police officers or assistant/graduate/residence life staff members, but anyone has the option to do so.

    To submit a student conduct referral to the Office of Student Conduct, download the University Student Conduct System Case Referral Form.

    Complete all fields, providing all specific information as requested:

    • The “Date of Referral” is the date that you submit a hard copy of the signed case referral form to the Office of Student Conduct.
    • In the “Alleged Violation” section, you are responsible for identifying and listing the specific charges you wish to levy against the accused student from IUP’s “student behavioral regulations.” To examine the list of possible charges, view the student behavioral regulations. Review each regulation to determine if it should be listed on this section of the student conduct case referral form.
    • Once you have determined which charge(s) is appropriate, list each separate applicable charge under “Alleged Violation” (for example, “C7a Abuse”). Then list each charge under the “Charges - Explanation” section of the student conduct case referral form, clearly indicating why you believe the student violated the specific regulation. For example: “C7a Abuse – John Doe hit me repeatedly in my stomach.”
    • Next, complete your information as the “Individual Making the Referral” and indicate your status as a faculty, student, staff, police officer, etc.
    • Finally, list the information of all individuals who have direct knowledge concerning the allegations against the accused student (“Witnesses” section).

    You must print a hard copy of the completed University Student Conduct System Case Referral form and sign it for the form to be considered valid.

    After printing the form and signing it, attach written statements or reports that provide information concerning the alleged incident (if applicable).

    Referral packets should be promptly hand-delivered to the Office of Student Conduct, Ruddock Hall, Suite G11, IUP, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., weekdays.

    When having difficulty completing a student conduct referral packet, residential students should contact their assistant/graduate/residence building director, and off-campus students should contact the Office of Student Conduct for assistance.

    In order to provide the IUP community with high-quality services, we have provided a survey which you can use to provide feedback. Please take a moment to fill out the Referring Party Survey if you have utilized our services.