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Faculty Mentors

  • A great education doesn’t stop at the classroom door. At IUP all of our Speech-Language Pathology students find plenty of opportunities to grow and learn in and outside of the classroom.

    Our faculty members understand and embrace clinical mentorship as a system of practical training and consultation that fosters ongoing professional development on the part of the student—and yields sustainable high quality clinical care outcomes for our patients. All of our faculty members are dedicated to providing excellent direct clinical supervision by responding to questions, reviewing clinical cases, and providing feedback and assisting in case management.

    Faculty Profiles

    Cynthia McCormick, PhD, CCC-A

    Cynthia McCormick Richburg has practiced clinical audiology since 1990. She has worked with clients of all ages in a variety of clinical settings, but specializes in the area of (central) auditory processing disorders in children. She teaches both graduate and undergraduate courses in audiology and speech-language pathology. Her research interests focus on collaborative efforts between audiologists and other professionals working with persons with hearing loss and educational audiology issues. She is the co-author of School-Based Audiology (2012, Plural Publishing). She supervises in the IUP clinic on Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings. Learn more about Cynthia Richburg.

    Jill L. Brady, PhD, CCC-SLP

    Jill Brady has worked as a school-based speech-language pathologist and has expertise in the area of pediatric speech and language disorders. Her current research focuses on bilingualism and second language acquisition in school-age children and adolescents. She supervises a Tuesday/Thursday afternoon clinic. Learn more about Jill Brady.

    David W. Stein, PhD, CCC-SLP

    David Stein joined the faculty of IUP, his undergraduate alma mater, in 1992, after a 14-year career as a speech-language pathologist, clinical manager, and aphasia researcher, primarily with academic/healthcare organizations. He has been the academic program director at IUP since 1996. His publications and presentations focus on clinical outcomes research and topics related to the administration of clinical programs. He has served on ASHA governance committees, as the president of PSHA, and currently as vice chair of the Pennsylvania Board of Examiners in Speech-Language and Hearing. Learn more about David Stein.

    Shari Robertson, PhD, CCC-SLP

    Shari Robertson is a professor of speech-language pathology specializing in pediatric speech-language disorders and counseling. She has 16 years of clinical and administrative experience in the public schools. Her scholarly work focuses on clinical efficacy and excellence as well as the personal development of clinicians. She seeks opportunities to lead and to develop leadership potential in others. Robertson is also the dean’s associate in the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

    Lori Lombard, PhD, CCC-SLP

    Lori Lombard specializes in voice disorders and laryngeally-based respiratory disorders such as vocal cord dysfunction. She also has expertise in head and neck cancer rehabilitation and management of tracheoesophageal punctures. She supervises a diagnostic clinic on Friday mornings.

    Lisa Hammett Price, PhD, CCC-SLP

    Lisa Hammett Price is a pediatric specialist. She brings 15 years of clinical experience with preschool and school age children with speech and language disorders. She also has specific training in autism and AAC (augmentative and alternative communication). Her clinical research focuses on how parents can become treatment partners using book reading at home to address speech and language goals. She supervises a Tuesday/Thursday morning clinic. Learn more about Lisa Hammett Price.