Joseph Domaracki, PhD

  • Undergraduate Coordinator for Special Education Programs



    • BS – Slippery Rock State College,1977: Health Education
    • MEd – University of Pittsburgh, 1983: Special Education/Specialization in Severe Disabilities
    • PhD – University of Pittsburgh, 1988
      • Major – Special Education
      • Minor – Research Methodology
      • Specialization – Severe Disabilities

    Teaching Areas:

    EDEX 478 - Education of Persons with MR/DD/PD/MD
    EDEX 435 - Methods and Curriculum: Severe and Profound Disabilities
    EDEX 301 - Education of Students with Disabilities in Inclusive Secondary Settings
    EDEX 493 - Internship/Field Experience

    Professional Interests

    Severe Disabilities
    Transition and Competitive Employment
    School Partnerships/Professional Development Schools
    Personnel Preparation

    Professional Certifications

    Health Education
    Driver Education
    Special Education

    Selected Publications:

    • Barger-Anderson, R., Domaracki, J., Kearney-Vaculik, N. & Kubina, R. (2004). Multiple baseline designs: The use of a single case research experimental design in literacy research, Reading Improvement, Vol. 42, 1
    • Domaracki, J., & Tidwell, M., (2001). Needed: A shared learning community based on open communication. Pennsylvania Educational Leadership, Vol. 20, No2, 64-66
    • Tidwell, M., & Domaracki, J., (2001). Understanding and coping with cultural differences and structural barriers. Pennsylvania Educational Leadership, Vol. 20, No. 2, 37-39
    • Domaracki, J.W., Johnson, J., Tidwell, M., Jackson, K., & Norris, L. (2000). School-university partnerships: The development of field experiences, partnerships, and professional development schools at IUP. In the Pennsylvania Association of Colleges and Teacher Educators Monograph-School and University Partnerships: Issues, Trends, Research and Best Practices, Vol. II. 44-53
    • Domaracki, J.W. (1997). The development of school partnerships: Field and partnership committee. In: Teacher Education Council of State Colleges and Universities,Monograph Vol. II, Number 1, Partnerships in Learning: Real Issues and Real Solutions
    • Woolcock, W.W. & Domaracki, J.W. (Eds.) (1995). Instructional strategies in the community: A resource guide for community instruction for persons with disabilities. Andover Medical Publishers, Inc.