Dr. Diane Shinberg

  • Associate Professor

    Office Location

    McElhaney Hall, 112B (Sociology)
    Sutton Hall, 352 (Public Health)

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    • Vassar College, BA
    • University of Wisconsin–Madison, MS
    • University of Wisconsin–Madison, PhD


    Diane Shinberg’s scholarship straddles multiple sociological literatures: health and medicine; disabilities; gender; aging and the life course; and social stratification and inequalities. Questions of how social forces shape health and well-being undergird her work, which includes rigorous application of quantitative methods and multidisciplinary exploration of theoretical, historical and intellectual perspectives.

    Shinberg serves as director of IUP’s new Bachelor of Science program in Public Health. After serving as secretary/treasurer, she was recently elected membership chair of the Disability and Society Section of the American Sociological Association. Past roles include coordinator of IUP’s Master of Arts Program in Sociology, and member and chair of IUP’s University-Wide Sabbatical Committee.


    SOC 151 Principles of Sociology
    SOC 348 Sociology of Work
    SOC 363 Sociology of Gender
    SOC 442/552 Medical Sociology
    SOC 452/552 Disability and Society
    SOC 700 Proseminar
    SOC 707/807 Scholarly Writing in the Social Sciences
    SOC 721/821 Sociology of Health Care
    SOC 762/862 Analysis of Social Data
    SOC 767/867 Special topics: Survey Research Methods
    LDRS 800 Proseminar 

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