Dr. Diane Shinberg

  • Associate Professor

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    McElhaney Hall, 112B
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    • Vassar College, BA
    • University of Wisconsin–Madison, MS
    • University of Wisconsin–Madison, PhD


    Dr. Shinberg’s scholarship straddles multiple sociological literatures: health and medicine; disabilities; gender; aging and the life course; and social stratification and inequalities. Questions of how social forces shape health and well-being undergird her work, which includes rigorous application of quantitative methods and multidisciplinary exploration of theoretical, historical and intellectual perspectives.

    Her many service roles include: Coordinator of IUP’s Master of Arts Program in Sociology; a member of IUP’s University-Wide Sabbatical Committee; and secretary/treasurer of the Disability and Society Section of the American Sociological Association.


    SOC 151 Principles of Sociology
    SOC 348 Sociology of Work
    SOC 363 Sociology of Gender
    SOC 442/552 Medical Sociology
    SOC 452/552 Disability and Society
    SOC 700 Proseminar
    SOC 707/807 Scholarly Writing in the Social Sciences
    SOC 721/821 Sociology of Health Care
    SOC 762/862 Analysis of Social Data
    SOC 881 Special topics: Survey Research Methods
    LDRS 800 Proseminar 

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